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2017 NSX FOR SALE $138,000 Black with black leather interior.

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18 June 2017
2017 NXS for sale ceramic coated $1800 PPF $2000 original plastic on the floor mats and door sill. 2900 miles original price $199,300 selling for $138,000 Vin#19UNC1B04HY000419 Black with black leather interior. Contact [email protected]


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I did Acura don't do lease transfer and told me I would have to sell to get out off the lease. If someone can get a leasing company to take over the lease I can do $5500 down and the monthly payments would be $1260.
So would the buyer have to pay you and wait for you to buy it and then Obtain title after which you could then complete the deal?
Is this car still for sale? If so, what are the lease details.
I was told if a dealership buy the car for a potential buyer the car would be around $126,000 payoff. I wouldn't have to pay the 7% taxes. If someone is interested they can get a dealer to buy the car and get a really good deal on this car. The funds would be payed directly to Acura financial.
Could you send me your contact info?
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