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$500 Whipple Supercharger Brand New on Ebay>>

4 May 2000
Edmond, Oklahoma, US
<a href=http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=601143755>http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=601143755</a>
Do a search on the forums, (sorry i'm lazy), and you will find eveything about it you want to know.
You'll come to the conclusion that you need the bit which goes between the SC and the NSX intake (inbetween the heads), which is made by................Comptech, and which doubt is going to be sold seperate
If you can get it for less than 1K, I would go for it. Although Comptech won't sell you one, I'm sure you can get the other parts from a local NSX shop.

I'm sure Larry over at NSX Modified has enough Comptech SC parts laying around to install 10 of them, manifolds and all. The actual unit is the real expense. If you can get it cheap I think it's a steal. If I had the funds I'd be bidding on it right now.

On the other hand, if all you have is dealers around you and no specialty shops, you might have some trouble.
These bozos need to stop bidding on it so early and driving up the price. At this rate it'll be 2grand in a week.
Just wait until the last hour or so and then start fighting over it. Good for the seller, bad for the buyers.
It's gonna be big bucks to piece the rest of the CT kit! Nobody makes the intake manifold except CT. No way Larry just has one sitting around! Besides that, you need the custom CNC'd pulley bracket, the pulleys (all different sizes), some misc electronics (fuel enrichment, etc), fuel rails, hoses, oh, and an alternator off of a '93 Prelude, not to mention the rest of the whipple charger itself (this one does not come with the snout). Unless you already have a CTSC, and just feel you need a "spare" for some reason, I'd advise against trying to build one from scratch. It will probably wind up costing you more in the end IMHO.
I agree with you for the most part. It would be a lot of work to piece it together.
However, I did speak to him about this yesterday. He would be able to put the rest of it together for around 1K more installed because he does have the necessary additional parts. He has a close relationship with Comptech as well and tons of extra parts for the SC due to supporting the flamemobile. He has a huge inventory in that shop from all the blower installs and knockoffs he has done.

The problem is these guys driving up the price so early. I was willing to pay up to 1K for that thing, maybe even some more, but at this rate it will be well into 2K by next week. Oh well...

I do agree with you on the difficulty. Unless you do live around this area, AND unless you have a great relationship with the mechanic, it could be tough to complete the system. Just because I could get the rest of this thing built up by Larry doesn't mean anyone could. It would require legwork and I'm sure he wouldn't do it for anyone.

It's a moot point anyway... won't be able to afford it at this rate. sigh...

Added later:
HOLY MOLY!!! It just shot up over $2500!!!
Unbelievable. I think you can buy that unit straight from whipple for less than that.
I could get the whole thing installed for 4-5K you know where... no way I'd pay that much just for the unit. Sorry... I'm out.
What are these guys thinking???

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If larry really has ALL the rest of the parts you need, I think you can get the bare blower directly from Whipple NEW for somewhere around $1,200. Don't quote me on that figure, but that's the number I remember when talking to them a year or two back, beacuse someone else had a bare blower on Ebay. What does larry want for the rest of the parts, and just out of curiosity, how come he has them laying around???
Really? I had no idea I could get it for that price. I figured it was closer to $2500.
If so, what are these guys thinking paying $2600+ on ebay. geez.
It also makes me wonder why Comptech would charge almost 10K for the setup if the blower itself is only $1200. The rest of the parts can't be THAT much more. I know there is a markup, but that sounds like too much.

I know that they have a lot of backup parts for when they go racing. If there is a problem with the SC while they are at the track, he has to be able to fix it on the spot. That's my guess. Just having been there so many times, he has a ton of parts laying around. Extra exhuasts, clutches, gears, body parts and kits, seats, brakes... you name it... it's laying around there somewhere. As I mentioned, he has a lot of strange requests from various customers. Someone may walk in with some turbo they found for a good price and ask him to stick it in their NSX. They end up spending 10K+ for all the custom fabrication, but it's what some want, even against his recommendations. He always seems to have enough laying around to build what he needs. He also has a welder he deals with nearby.
OK, just checked.
It's just over $1900 for the unit from Whipple- the 2300AX. $1200 would be an awesome deal.

I think we have ourselves a great business idea. Let's buy 10 of these for 2K and sell em on ebay for $2600+ for a $600 profit per unit.

Seems like there are no shortage of people willing to pay the premium.
The bare blower itself is a relatively standard component that many manufacturers have built kits around for different vehicles – rustangs, trucks, offshore racing boats, etc. The big expense is in making the custom intake manifold that the blower sits on. That’s a very large precision cast and machined component whose sole purpose in life is to mate the blower to the NSX motor. That’s the big expense, not to mention the air bypass system and the pulley bracket, most of the rest of the parts you could more or less collect from their various manufacturers. If you can get a hold of the custom pieces first then you may have a shot at piecing your own kit together, but not the other way around.