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90 miles of deserted open road Nevada Highway and you can legally drive WOT !!!

7 December 2010
oceanside ca
I would like to know how we missed out on this event:

Silver State Classic/Nevada Open Road Challenge


One of my fellow San Diego Miata Club members owns a Z06 and apparently took first place in his division this year. There is another event coming up in September. Anyone interested ??
TONS of fun. I didn't do SSCC but I did a similar event that has since closed down, but it was called the Bonneville 100 and located in northern Nevada. It was a 50-mile (times 2; down and back) closed stretch of Hwy 93A just outside Wendover. I ran in 2007 in the 100 mph average class, and in 2008 in the 105 mph average class. In these classes, my "tech" (max allowable) speed was 124 mph and my minimum allowable was 80. The goal is to finish at exactly your target average speed over the 100 miles. They release the cars about 30 seconds apart from the start line.

Both of these times I was in my 1994 Legend 6-speed. In the 2008 event it had 330,000 miles on it and performed like a champ. I can only imagine what this would be like in an NSX. The event was dominated by Corvettes.

I've heard great things about the Silver State Classic, and a lot of the people who used to compete at Bonneville have now shifted since the B100 closed. I can speak to the level of preparation that goes into these events. Safety is top priority. I had to install a (temp) fire extinguisher in my car and adorn myself and my passenger (navigator) head to toe in safety gear.



More pics and vids here:

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