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91 NSX with Work 16 17 inch rims want to go 17 18

23 January 2002
I bought my car with Work 16 17 inch rims and want to go 17 18. This is a dumb question but can I move the 17s to the front and just buy 2 18 inch for the rear.

Not easily. The offset is different and so is the center bore (the hole in the center of the wheel). At a minimum, you would need to have the center hole drilled on the 17" wheels; it needs to be 70 mm in diameter to fit over the hub in front, and the bore on the rear wheels is only 64 mm. Even then, I don't know if the difference in offset would also cause a problem.
Are three-parts Work wheels? If yes you could maybe reuse the two lip parts and buy a new center... no idea if it works, only an idea!
The offset for the rear is different, and they will likely stick beyond the fender lip. The rim faces are not very expensive, the forged rim halves are. Your best bet is to sell the 16/17s and buy a set of 17/18s. Let me know if I can help you out with this. ScienceofSpeed is an authorized Work reseller.

-- Chris


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Well I guess I'm going to sell them. Here is the add I'm going to place for them. Thanks for the help everyone.

I'm selling 16 17 inch Work Equip rims off of my 91 NSX. These rims are almost new less then 5k miles. Small scratch on passanger side rear. Should have pictures of that soon. Has Toyo Proxes T1 with about 80% rear tread and 50% front tred. $1500 OBO for the Rims only or $1800 obo with tires. 925-383-7438