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91 Red/Black NSX JH4NA1155MT000291

11 July 2005
91 Red/Black NSX immaculate JH4NA1155MT000291

Ladies and Gentlemen... Currently I am in the middle of starting a company and I need to sell the love of my life to do so. My pain :eek: your gain :biggrin:.

These were the pics I had laying around my hard drive that wre small enough for prime...

More pics are here (they were too large to post at prime):

I'll post more interior pics and anything else you request when my digital camera gets back to me in the next week or so. It is at Nikon being repaired. I sold the Sparcos that are in these pictures and I have the graphite OEM rims on the car right now as you see in some pictures.

Here are the details:

1991 ACURA NSX (garage queen)
Red with Black interior.
VIN# JH4NA1155MT000291
87k miles
Free carfax report here: http://www.carfax.com/cfm/ccc_DisplayHistoryRpt.cfm?partner=DVW_1&vin=JH4NA1155MT000291

All current mechanical maintainance has been performed by Barney Demonbreun in Nashville, TN. or Mark Basch in Phoenix, AZ. If you like, you can call Barney to discuss the car's condition and to get an idea of how well I treat the car. I can provide you with his cell number.

12k worth of mods done a few months ago.

Timing belt and water pump were done at 68k miles due to age and not mileage so she is all set to go. Radiator hoses were replaces as well. The oil has been changed every 3000 miles or 6 months (which ever came first) with Mobile 1 synthetic oil. I am the only person that changes the oil and I use a torque wrench so that it has been done to the proper toque specs. Recently allignment performed by Barney. Immaculate paint (car looks wet). Car has been washed on a weekly basis with all natural P21s auto shampoo and waxed on a regular basis as well. Clean carfax report available. Immaculate interior (especially for her age). Lexol and vinylex have been used on normal basis to keep the leather and vinyl supple and clean. Car has seen rain only a few times and it was by accident. Garage kept and pampered. Immaculate engine/engine bay. I have the records from my ownership of her and from the prevoius owners as well. Car currently located in Orlando, FL. I do not mind helping with delivery in any way I can.

Factory Options/accessories:

-OEM phone (currently not installed so the center console coffin is usable for storage)
- OEM 6 disc changer
- NSX mirror bras
- OEM sun shades


I still have all the OEM parts for you except for the exhaust (it was damaged via ups when I shipped it from AZ to AL) so I threw it away.

I have two sets of OEM rims/rubber in addition to the mods.

Currently installed mechanical mods

- Comptech power grip clutch
- Comptech lightweight flywheel
- Japanese short gears
- 4.55 R&P
- new syncros
- Oddysey lightweight racing battery
- Rm springs (car sits about 1.5 inches lower)
- Rm slotted rotors
- RM pads
- Taitec lightweight exhaust (incredile sound and I also have the taitec silencers for it :)
- Comptech headers
- Comptech bypass pipes (still have oem cats for you)
- RM Carbon Fibre air intake
- Schroth four point racing harness
- Dali window fix it thingies
- Smart-tenna
- Hidden V1 connection wire in roof liner near rear view mirror

OEM rims

- 91 black rims with Pole Positions SO3s
- 91 Chrome rims with BF Goodrich slicks

Non-installed mechanical mods

- I have the RM chin spoiler with brake cooling holes and lines which makes car look lower and vents cold air to the brakes.
- I have a RM nos kit for the car if you decide you want a NOS NSX.

Aesthetical mods

- Tinted windows to protect leather/interior and engine bay cover from drying out as they typically do.
- Red Acura badge instead of standard badge
- Calipers painted red
- Zanardi floor mats and trunk mat (in incredible shape)
- Roof painted red to match body color and look 95+ NSXes

Ownership History:

- First NSX in Scottsdale, AZ. Original owner who was an Exuctive for Dial. He owned the car from 91-98 and put 30k miles on it. He had the car in AZ and in FL.

- 2nd Owner was NSX list member in Phoenix, AZ. He owned the car from 98-00 and put 34k miles on it. :eek:

- 3rd owner... that would be me. I have ownd the car from 00-Current and have put 19k miles on it during that time. Car has been in AL, GA, and FL during that time peroid.

She is in incredible shape, especially for her age. Most people think she just rolled out of the show room and freak out when I tell them it is a 91.
There are a few minor imperfections but they are far less dramatic compared to other 91s I have seen. I inspected tons of cars when I was in the process of buying both my and my father's 91 NSXes... so I have seen plenty of them.

- Driver's side seat bolster has average wear for age
- Paint is almost flawless... there is a scratch on her nose but it is hard to see. Few people notice it in person until I point it out.
- Bose speakers are currently taken out of the car and ready to ship off to have capicators repaired.
- Center console wasn't perfect so I am in the middle of replacing it as I expect the car to be as near flawless as possible.

30K or best offer takes one of the best cared for, meanest sounding and best looking 91 NSXes on the planet.

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 407-312-3063


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