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93 GPW 116000 miles $24500 obo JH4NA1155PT000506

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2 January 2004
Seattle, WA
decided to live back in Asia pretty soon, so my baby has to go

for sale is a 1993 Grand Prix White with 116000 miles, I purchased back in 10/2003 with around 90000 miles on it.

known problems to the car currently:
-small quarter size dent on driver's side door (see pic)
-big scratch on driver's side sideskirt (see pic)
-usual small rock chips, very usual with old car
-wear on the left side of driver side's seat (OEM seat, very normal)
-paint on the rear bumper isn't so good, have some hairline cracks

things changed since purchased the car:
-eletrical sensor for clutch pedal (had to press clutch pedal real hard to start the car before, fixed now with new eletrical sensor)
-clutch's been changed to ACT, about 6000 miles on it. (SOS retails them for almost $2000)
-right rear axle been changed due to bad bearing
-previous owner said that Timing Belt and Water pump had been changed at around 80000 miles, although I do not have the record for it

I do most of the usual maintenance myself:
oil change every 3000 miles. Redline 10W30
check fluid level regularly

modifications done to the car:
-NSX-R front chassis bar
-SOS rear strut bar
-Prodrive GC-06 17/18 with Toyo T1-S, front 50% left, rear 25% left. (I do have another set of OEM 15/16 wheels with Kuhmo MX that will go free with the car, front 80%, rear %70)
-Sparco EVO seats for both side with custom bracket fabricated by Speedware Motorsports, very famous in Northwest area. The seats/brackets will not come free, so its an extra $1000 if you want it. The seats/brackets are about half year old.
-Sparco Lap 3 steering wheel with MOMO NSX-R hub, $200 extra if you want it. Only about 3 months old
-Sparco shiftknob, free
-H&R lowering springs (I do have a set of Tein RA used about 5000 miles, if you want it, I"ll let it go for extra $1000)
-Engine has absolutely no modifications done to it, and running very strong, perhaps stronger than what it should be with the mileage. I had it dynoed about half year ago, and it dynoed 238 whp, which is right where it should be.
-I do have an extra set of Comptech Exhaust, however, the muffler's blown. But I do have an extra set of muffler that I puchased from MagnaFlow, and is the exact same muffler that Comptech used to build their exhaust. Will let it go for total of $400 extra if want it.
-brand new Dali Chip with ZIP socket, never used. $180 extra
-brand new NSX-R front swaybar purchased from SOS, never used. $100 extra

asking $24500 obo without the extras

feel free to ask if you have any questions

more pics upon request


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So you have the oem items that will be put back in at no charge if the buyer does not want them (i.e. the seats, shifter, steering wheel)?
yes, I will put the OEM parts back with no additional cost if the buyers does not want the extra mods.

the person I bought it from told me that the car got rear ended, very minor. Just to be extra careful, I had a bodyshop check out the car from head to toe, and they told me the frame is straight.
There is no accident during my time of ownership.
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