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97 Red/blk FX500 65k $43k vin # JH4NA2169VT000049

11 September 2005
Southern California
UPDATE: price lowered to $46k for quick sale.

formula red/ black interior, 1997 3.2L 6 speed, 65k miles. Clear title, no stories. Targa top, 3.2L Factor X FX500 performance motor.

Stock 97s go for 35-42K. This car is a steal. Have over 30000$ in recipts for parts and upgrades alone, above and beyond the 35-42K value for the stock car.

The car as been obsessively maintained and is in great condition. Has always been garaged day and night. located in LA. No expense spared in either the construction or maintenance of this car Upgrades: Engine: Balanced & blueprinted 3.2 liter engine by Factor x racing Je 9.5:1 forged pistons w/ceramic-race coating Darton sleeves Step-deck block, micropolished crank,re-notched rods,etc,etc VVis system removed, & divider milled ( good for+15hp per pd cunningham) Comptech billet high volume oil pump gear Only 9K since all this was done Per Factor X

This is a BRAND NEW racing factor X motor. Only 9k miles.

The engine alone is worth $10,00

Timing belt has been completed at the time of the complete engine rebuild & upgrade. Engineering, this engine has been built to handle 800hp Engine is warranteed by Factor X Engineering. Their factor X 500 Motor.

Twin turbo system:

Very rare "Big" aerodyne turbos- Good for 40-50+more hp( and 450 crank hp) vs standard Aerodynes, Twin turbo system installed only 24k miles ago. Less than 2k miles on turbos since they were inspected and rebuilt. ZERO LAG. well almost! perfect for street drivability and track. Turbos kick in instantly after 3000RPM.

Twin K&N air filters Twin air to air intercoolers Complete stainless steel exhaust system Borla stainless steel muffler Twin-tip DTM style stainless steel dual exhaust tips Header-wrapped+ heat coated SS piping between manifolds and turbos

Fuel System:
HKS Fcon V Pro stand alone fuel management system 550cc RC Engineering fuel injectors tuned by Factor X. Kenne Bell "Boost a Pump" ( increases fuel pump voltage when under boost) Vortech Rising Rate FPR Smartmapper Obd tool software for interfacing with OBD2 system(datalogging of fuel, timming, air & water temps, 02 sensors,etc)

Electronics Gauges & Electronics Boost Control:
Greddy Profec B specII boost controller- Adjust your boost & choose between your 2 programs from the cockpit SPA Electronic/Digital dual boost pressure+fuel pressure gauge inguding warning & peak hold Digital backlit A/F ratio meter

spec stage 2 clutch, 25% stronger/more clamping force than the exedy racing clutch, "Low weight" option 2.5-3lbs lighter,Longer life than stock clutch. Stock, organic engagement/feel with no chatter or shudder. Pedal isn't any harder to actuate than the stock clutch. Engagement is strong but smooth, great for daily driving. Only 10k on clutch

Suspension, chassis & Brakes:
Eibach springs,Bilstein shocks, Dali stainless steel brake lines, Motul brake fluid,Porterfield R4S brake pads,Dali front brake adjustable air deflectors

Cosmetics & body kit:
Backyard special (Japan) style body kit consisting of: 2 skirts( similar to Wings West) 2 rear spats. Cantrel concepts billet coolant tank cap, Dali "stealth" front licence plate holder and NSX nose bra

Tires & rims:
Front Bridgestone S02's 225/35/17 Rear Bridgestone S03's 285/30/18 Advan Model 7 rims 17x8 front, 18x10 rear Interior: Titanium TSX 6 speed short-throw shift knob, installed with factory leather boot Dali Racing Leather low profile removable seat cushion. ( add 2" of headroom)

Have 100% of the paper work for the engine rebuild, turbo rebuild, clutch work, timing belt work, HKS Fcon Vpro install and tune and lots of other paper work.

Tranny is in top notch condition. smooth in all gears, no issues. The car in general is awesome. Everything functions like from the factory. No issues to speak of.

Also you are welcome to call factor X to verify the work on the car.

Car still has A/C, everything works perfect. no stories and no issues.

just a little ... oversight of the upgraded items

$10,000 Factor X 500 brand new race motor
$9,500 Twin turbo upgraded aerodyne turbo kit
$3,500 HKS Fcon V-pro stand alone ECU and Tune by Factor X
$2,500 Advan Model 7 (rims only. Hard to find)
$1,200 Fuel system with RC injectors
$1,000 Fuel preassre, EGT, BOOST SPA gauges + electronic boost controller.
$1,000 Suspensions, brake upgrades, brakelines.

The rest of the stuff you can just estimate costs on your own ie: spec clutch, side skits and other performance tid bits.

Car is just awesome. Every customer who have ridden in this car totally loves the zero lag and smooth power delivery of the turbo and motor.

Right now its at 400HP at the wheels according to the dyno. ( dyno sheet provided)

You dont need to worry about the clutch, timing belt. These are the most expensive owner ship costs of the nsx and has been addressed! :smile:

Im a shop owner and its my own personal car. I checked this car out in depth before my purchase and ran a complete PPI and then some. Found no problems and thus my purchase.

Reason im selling is because

a) i never dont drive it as much as i would like.
b) too many toys/projects which needs my attention. :frown:
c) just picked up another turbo nsx. cant justify hording two turboed nsx. Im sure someone else will enjoy this car as much as i have:smile:

This nsx has better then stock reliability and drives like the stock nsx with a smooth power delivery only with the added power that Honda should have given the nsx from the get go. Just put in gas and drive it. Zero hassels. Paint in great condition.

Due to the powerful nature of this car, I drive and you ride. :wink:

Please contact me over PM.

ps, please remember - "carfax can run a carfax for you." - :biggrin:


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Re: 97 Red/blk FX500 65k $48k vin # JH4NA2169VT000049

new adjusted price.

46k or best offers :smile:
Re: 97 Red/blk FX500 65k $48k vin # JH4NA2169VT000049

gotten lots of interest in this awesome car, wish someone would snatch up this great deal.

she's waiting for you. hands down the best bang for the buck. give me a call.

update: just got a question on smog. This car has been in california all its life. So smog is not an issue. I'll have the car smogged and ready for title transfer when you pick up the car for anyone from California.

No lien or holds. Pinkslip in hand.
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Re: 97 Red/blk FX500 65k $48k vin # JH4NA2169VT000049

Christmas BUMP

Seasons Greetings everyone!


Im also throwing in a set of OEM NSX type R front brace bars, INSTALLED if the car is purchased with in the next 15 days.

also have been getting questions about maintenance history. I have about a 1inch stack of paper work for everything on the car including dyno chart, built motor from factor X, turbo system , standalone HKS F-CON pro (purchase, install & tune by factor X). timing belt and clutch are already completed. Timing belt wont need to be done for 7 years or 80,000 miles, clutch is new. All that is needed for this car in the next 7 years is only changes.
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Re: 97 Red/blk FX500 65k $48k vin # JH4NA2169VT000049


priced to sell. great one of a kind NSX .