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97 Yellow/Black on ebay

16 June 2002

Is it just me or does the description of this car sound like a commercial.
I'm somewhat interested in it but something just seems a little odd. I can't put my finger on it.
I find it a little strange listing the 'options' of 5spd(he now says its a typo), CD changer, removable, etc.
Kinda sounds like someone trying to impress the uneducated buyer.
Anyways, does anybody know anything about it?
I haven't bothered with a CARFAX yet as I'm still in the window shopping mode.
Yeah. For someone that has owned a lot of NSX's, he doesn't seem to know what is standard and what is optional. 5 speed, t-top...
...Is it just me or does the description of this car sound like a commercial.
I'm somewhat interested in it but something just seems a little odd. I can't put my finger on it...

The person selling it seems to be a small dealer. He probably doesn't know much about the car in general, but he does know of the mods to this particular car. Many people use "5spd" as a generic term referring to a manual tranny. He could have easily said "stick shift" and we all would know that the car is a 6spd. No need to get your panties all bunched up over a little semantics. :biggrin:
I was looking at this car as well. I plugged the VIN into an NSX Prime search and found several posts on this car from 2003. See below for one that I found. It appears there was frame damage at some point and repair work. It also looks like there may have been a mileage issue at some point based on some of the other posts.

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Dealer Ad: 1997 NSX Indy Yellow Pearl 25000 miles
<HR style="COLOR: #d1d1e1; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #d1d1e1" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->This car is a 97 with 25,000 miles and here is how you'll save money. It has had front end repair, including left front fender replacement, frame rail repair, and front end paint. All work was professionally done by Acura trained techs. It runs and drives like new. This car has been lowered and has an aftermarket exhaust. Save thousands! The car is offered at $47000, serious offers considered, trades possible and financing available. E-mail or call 508-650-1600 and ask for Matt.
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i too looked at this car back in februrary.... the owner was a guy name Ray and the car was in centreville virginia...... appearently he has since sold the car.... i had the car checked out by a local NSXPRIME member, who totally missd the frame repair work... now eitehr the frame was repaired VERY well and could not be detected OR the guy just completely missed the repair work.... anyways, i had wired a deposit on the car when another prime member PM'd me the same post that detailed the repair work. the guy i was buying it from claimed he did not know the car had been wrecked nor of the frame repair... he was an upstanding guy and refunded my money in full..... he continued to try to sell the car for a long time.... looks like he off loaded it onto a dealer... all i can say is thanks to PRIME members who alerted me to the car and the damage.... saved me a TON of headaches i am sure....