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AACA Exotic Show @ Hershey 4/28

22 May 2003
Reading, PA
I stopped out to look around. Lots of NSXs and Lotuses. And Corvettes - what were they doing there it was supposed to be an "Exotic" car show. Met Dan and his wife and their new to them '01 Red/Tan Nsx. Just like the one I had years ago. Very nice.

The museum is fantastic in case you have never been there.

Hello to all. Maybe see you at the Glen for Kids day this year.
nice to hear from you .....That show is only going to grow due to the hard work of TClark the "car guy" behind the effort.I'm bummed I had to miss out this year.
so far it looks like I will be going to kids day........so you are a shelby guy now.
"so you are a shelby guy now. "

For now. :)

I test drove the GT500 and got addicted to the power.
Then found out the GT/SC is even better. 493 rear wheel HP Mon!
I was telling Dan at the show today that if I get another NSX I would definitely put a supercharger on it. I had no idea what they do to the personality of a car.
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Was great talking with you today, thanks for stopping in to the forums to say hi. Definitely working to see if I can make the trip up to the Glen, sounds like a great event and a good chance to get my car on the track.

Hey Dan,

If I get another NSX it will be Red/Tan, just like yours, just like my last one. great combo.

FWIW guys I have maintained my NSXCA membership.

Someday maybe I'll be back.

Make it up to Kid's Day. The Glen is a special place.