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Addressing All Past, Present, and Future LoveFab Customers...

21 October 2005
Traverse City, MI
It's no secret that we bit off more than we could chew this year. It started with building and campaigning an NSX at the 90th Annual Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. Then we decided it was time to move into a larger shop. Pair that with record sales, without the infrastructure to support the increased business, and things got a little frantic.

As such, we lost a lot of time in logistics on many fronts. Our customer service dropped as a result, because the shop devoted so much time into trying to "work", that customer communications fell by the wayside. Customers have gotten upset because we've had their cars for quite awhile, with little communcation, especially over the past month. The Pikes Peak madness is over, and we are back at it, harder than ever.

We are working 14 hour days, seven days a week to catch up. Currently, I am the only one performing engine builds, installations, and tuning. This is great news, except that I am only human, and can only work so many hours in a day. The work is being executed to exacting standards, and will be worth the extra wait.

We have hired back a long-time LoveFab employee to help with day to day operations, which will be a tremendous time saver. The fabrication side is going strong, and will continue to grow. We have several new products that we will be launching after successful testing at Pikes Peak.

I have been in touch with everyone regarding their builds, but is there something else I can do to help? For instance, start an individual thread for each build, and catalog what has been completed on that build? I generally have this going via email already, but am more asking for advice on how to save face with NSXPrime. Please bear in mind that I have to actually "work" to get these projects done; so I can't be on here every minute of every day.

We've worked tirelessly for a decade to get where we are at, and we don't want to ruin it all with a badly organized "growth year".

Thanks guys, and apologies to those who have been upset. We are working as hard as we can to get the work done right, the first time. Please contact me for anything.

Cody Loveland, President
LoveFab, Inc.
I used to only hear good things about lovefab but that changed a lot of the last few months. It sounds like you have realized customer service is more important than racing up a mountain. I am a big lovefab fan so I hope everything works out. Looking forward to your new stuff.
Cody, It takes guts to come on here and admit the "issues" Props for that. Now that you are back to it I hope to see all the negative reviews come to a stop. I think you know I am a fan and support your products. If you need any help with anything just yell.
I am just hoping you will ACTUALLY respond to my PM's. I need my stuff now. I have shut my mouth on this issue for MONTHS but I will not stop until I get my stuff. I know MANY that feel this way but some havent spoken up yet because you have their stuff hostage....BUT they are close to the breaking point as well. I am seriously hoping this is a sincere post from you because you would not be where you are without your customers and I hope you take that into consideration.
I know that I'm probably going to get blasted for this opinion, but its okay. First, I'm not a lovefab customer, so whether or not that makes this a valid complaint is up to you. But this is how I read the post....Hey guys, sorry that we haven't responded to any of you, but between having a record growth year, moving to a bigger shop, and doing our events, we seemed to have forgotten about what got us here. The customer. So while we were out celebrating our move and racing our cars, we forgot the common courtesy of responding to PM's or answering our phones. Because of die hard NSX fans and customers like you, we've managed to have a great year, but now I have to catch up. So sorry. And now that I have time on my hands I will get back to what got us here....you guys. So now I'll try to get through the emails that have mounted up and start working on customer cars. Again, this is just my opinion. But I am just tired of seeing not only the NSX community, but the car enthusiast community in general get screwed over every time someone "bites off more than they can chew". Again I have nothing to gain from saying any of this, I am not a dealer or neither do I sell parts. Actually I just purchased my NSX less than 2 years ago. But while building/modding my car and following Prime it seems like things like this are a common occurance. I mean look at how hard it is just to find a reputable carbon fiber fabricator. It seems like people know that NSX owners like and have the funds to mod their cars, so lets cash in quick with a product and once the orders start coming in, lets figure out if its possible to actually do. I hope that LoveFab does come through (which I have a feeling they will). Its great that you are making these parts available for for us, but please don't forget about US. It might just be me, but I would rather have someone tell me everyday (or at least once a week) that they are still working on my car or where they are at with the build, then not hear from someone for months, then in spurts, then nothing again. Again, this is not to bash Lovefab, or Cody, and I commend you for at least posting what you did, but from junior40er's reply it looks like you could do a little better in customer service even if you are behind on manning. Installing a turbo kit install time - 3 days. Calling a customer to let him know whats going on or responding to a PM - 3 minutes. I hope to do business with you guys in the future when my build gets to that point. But for now I'm just going to go in another direction with my car. I rarely post and honestly I don't even know why reading this post hit a nerve, but it did. Again Cody, this is not personal. I guess its just frustration from seeing how hard it is for us to take care of our own. Again this is strictly my opinion, but it seems like while you guys were busy climbing that hill, you left your fans coughing in the dust....
Just remember - the same customers who helped make you successful, are the same ones that will destroy your success when you fail to deliver. As soon as you choose to prioritize anything over the customer is the day that your business will collapse.

Personally, I think the Pikes Peak thing was a stupid thing to do without having the infrastructure in place to maintain current projects and communication with customers. From my point of view, I think it was a piss poor decision to spend as much time on lengthy posts about the "Pikes Peak" car on NSXPrime, yet still have 45+ PM's unread and not answered. Until that PM box is empty, or all of the emails have been answered and the client base is up to speed on the projects they are PAYING you to do, you should not be boasting about your own personal side projects.

Just my 2 cents.
Not a customer, but it's always good to hear that one has made it through the denial stage. However, action speaks louder than words.... So let's hope that's the case.
Thanks for the words guys.

Hindsight is 20/20. Many things would've been done differently if I could go back in time. All we can do now is move forward, get the work done, get it done RIGHT. If I have done my job, the finished product will satisfy the customers and remove some of the bitterness.

Signing out for awhile, a lot of catching up to do.

Whenever a customer is upset, the best thing to do is call them personally. While your post is somewhat humbling for you, it's not the best way to win back the confidence of those who support your business.

Get off the computer and call each and every customer who is waiting in the dark.
Cody, I'd read a lot of good threads about you in the past and think highly of you. I hope you don't continue doing 14hr days and 7 days a wk. No one can design, engineer, fab, weld, search material, production, tune, build, wrench, load, tow and still turning out quality product. Not even Phil Remington. You have a good thing going, don't kill it. Protect your reputation and win the trust of your customers back.
btw, You don't have to beat Dennis Palatov next year either. Once he pressurize his awd go kart Hartley V8, its game over.
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