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Aerodyne Twin Turbo Complete System for Sale

4 April 2011
Fountain Hills, AZ
I came across this system several years ago and with the help of many, have a turn-key system for sale. Will require little to no work to get this system installed and running on any NSX but is set up for OBD2. Not applicable in California due to CARB restrictions. Here is what is included;

Turbo System – The hot and cold side piping is inclusive and has hangers attached which install from the NSX existing exhaust hangers. Nothing else is needed. Air-to-Air intercoolers are included and so are two clean air filters. There is a blow off valve which re-circulates air back into the charge pipe.

  • · AEM Series 2 Stand Alone Engine Management – existing tune by Autowave
  • · AEM UEGO O2 Wideband Sensors
  • · RC 550 Injectors with Wire clips
  • · Test Pipes
  • · Aerodyne 53 series turbos with new controllers – 2
  • · Borla Exhaust
  • · All T-clamps and silicone connectors
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Some side information, I have a complete book on the build, inclusive of the research initially done by Corky Bell in the design of this system. I have had the turbos sent back to Aerodyne to refurbish the turbos and install the latest controllers on them. The wide bands are a must, the 550 RC injectors were inspected and cleaned by RC and have clips for use on ’97 and newer NSX’s. The exhaust note is nice. The AEM Series 2 EMS is wonderful. Able to retard and add timing as well as set to limit rpm’s at any point, restrict boost at pre-set levels, control TPS and has launch control too. Harnesses are included.

The Extras – There are other options to this. One is the instrumentations, a Water-to-Air Intercooler and an AEM Water/Meth Injection Kit.

Instrumentation – A very nice piece is the instrumentation that was created by Intertek. Dave Dozier who also builds Aerodyne turbo systems for NSX’s, built this instrumentation to work with Zeitronix gauges and warning/buzzer. The gauge records in LED the following parameters;

  • · AFR
  • · Fuel Pressure
  • · Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • · Boost
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The gauge is held in a housing that replaces the existing clock display and the audible alarm resided in the air vent directly below this display. The warning buzzer can be programmed to blink along with a buzzer for pre-assigned events such as over-boost or rpm limits. This system also allows you to record data for fine tuning.

Water-to-Air Intercooler Option – This is a turnkey item that will upgrade the performance of the entire system. This system uses the tried and true SOS Heat Exchanger kit that is installed in front of the radiator and re-circulates cooled water to an intercooler, of Dave Dozier’s design and build that resides inside the intake manifold. At high rpm/boost levels, this will reduce the IAT’s which will produce even more power, safer. I have new piping to eliminate the ATA intercoolers though, but his will reduce weight as well as pressure restrictions to the charge air. These part are all brand new, in the box and have never been installed or mocked up.

AEM Water/Meth Injection Kit – This kit provides a safe and effective way to reduce intake charge air even more, or the ability to increase power thru the injection of Meth. This kit has never been installed and is in its original box.

I would love to sell this system complete and local if possible. I would be happy to provide assistance and direct the buyer to reputable installers. I would suggest that if you do decide to install this system, you upgrade your fuel pump to something that can handle the need for more fuel. I will say that this turbo system provides the most stock like feel with zero turbo lag and instant torque. The price for the entire group is $8,500. I will part out if absolutely necessary but would really like to see this go as one. Please do not try and lowball. Thanks for looking. PM me with any questions.
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Admin - please lock this thread. I am pulling this off the market. Thanks to all for your interest in the past.