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airlift 3p with airtekk struts $2.7k Las Vegas, NV

19 April 2019
I guess I’ll make a separate post for this. I sold all the other parts already. My air suspension is all that’s left!
Someone take this off my hands already lol I know some of y’all wanna go air! 😂
Kit has about 1k miles on it, and works perfectly.
Comes with:
-1/8 air lines
-2 Viar 444c compressors
-5 gallon aluminum raw tank
-Airlift 3P management (controller, manifold, ecu, etc…)
-Airtekk slim bellow struts
Selling for $2,700 ($3,200 new)

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This isn't my thing but I'm interested
What's missing from this?
How does it handle ?
I don't track my car anymore but just in case

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I dont know why tbh. My account has been acting really weird. But, to answer your question yes it literally has everything you need!