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ALMS Laguna Seca October 17-19


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12 January 2003
Sacramento, CA
This is the official announcement that NSXCA together with Acura and IMSA will be holding the NSX Corral at the ALMS and Speed GT Races this year at Laguna Seca. The dates are set as 17-19 October. The admission price will be around $85 per person again this year. I will firm that up as I get the package details nailed down.

I am trying to find out what races will be held on Sunday the 19th. If they look to be of interest, I will see about finding a sponsor for lunch on that day.

As we did last year, this corral is only open to NSXCA members in good standing.

Stay tuned for more details.

Tom Kohrs
NW Region Rep.
Are we limited to 50 cars in the corral? 100 like last year? Can we get space off of the dirt roads this year. Maybe down near the main stream next to the P-cars? Just inquiring.
Excellent News:smile: Thank you for your hard work and dedication. My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves last year. We plan on attending again.