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Alpine 872 Nav Question

11 May 2003
Midland, TX
Does anyone have an Alpine 872 Nav unit?

I bought one used, and it appears to work OK, but I didn't get the microphone/speaker switch. It looks like there is only one connector on the back of the unit for this, but it apparently has a part number for the microphone and a different part number for the speaker switch. The W505 I have has a completely different connector for a microphone.

With my Lexus, the voice system has about a 50% chance of understanding me. I say McDonalds and it thinks I said Mann's Chinese Theatre. I almost always use hand input. Since I'm not sure that the part numbers I have are even the correct parts, and these parts will cost another $70, I'm wondering, how well does the Alpine voice system work?

I have it but rarely use the voice command feature although it does work pretty well. I just find it faster to input everything via the touchscreen display. In regards to the microphone/button, it's one part not two. The single cable just splits into two cables one with the microphone and the other with the button for voice command activation.