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An in dash mp3 player with PC interface - running linux - very cool

24 July 2000

A guy I work with developed the device drivers for this COOL little toy.....

go to this website and look at all the features -

Ethernet, USB, & Serial Interfaces -
can hold up to 36GB of mp3, wav, and mp2 file formats on its 2 internal 2.5" laptop size hard drives -

this is just the begining....... check it out!

Imagine having hours and hours of music in your NSX without having to stop and change out CD magazines all the time!

Hey Electro my 18 year old son has been working on something very similar. He's trying to replace the 6-disc CD changer I have currently. The mock-up worked now he's working on reducing the size and interfacing to the stock stereo system. The interface and display are limited but has some pretty good designs.

BTW mp3 versus the CD is way cool. No more skips!!!
Me being the UNIX geek i am, i'm always on top of all the latest and most obscure toys and hardware goodies... i used to play DVDS off of my laptop and pluged the digital audio into the inputs into my Panasonic CD player - which gave an in-dash surround sound in the car!... of course watching a DVD on a 14.1" sreen can only be done while sitting still.... if the driver wants to watch of course.

the mp3 technology will come along very rapildy inside cars and home theatre.. there is already portable personal CD players that support mp3 file formats that u can burn mp3's to a CD and have up to 10 albumbs on ONE cd... they're also including this kind of support into sony's new in-dash CD player. Altho, the skip protection is not all that great since the bit-rate read from an mp3 file is very low... i guess the buffers have to be increased to prevent the skipping..

in due time i'm sure....
I have to admit that MP3 is the way to go for skip free listening. The factory CD in the NSX is pure crap. I can't believe that in a car this good, the factory CD Changer is so bad!

I installed a Blaupunkt Toronto model system in my Porsche 911. Many of the Blau models have an AUX input that supports a 1/8" stereo jack. I have found that I can use my Compaq iPaq PocketPC unit with a 1GB IBM CF Microdrive to store enough music to drive from NY to LA and never hear the same song twice.

One thing to keep in mind about in car video... it is illegal for the drive to be able to see the screen. In fact, if you are involved in an accident, you are immediately at fault and your insurance company will VOID your coverage... even if you are not originally at fault and even if the system was not on at the time of the accident. Be careful out there.

Gordon G. Miller, III
2000 NSX-T #51
don't think you can possibly beat this deal. $87 for a Mp3 player that will play both your CD-R's and CD-RW's. 50 sec anti-shock. Built in recharge circuit (no need to even hook it up to your battery, it will recharge itself). Line out jack so it will connect to your head unit in your car.

<a href="http://www.easybuy2000.com">http://www.easybuy2000.com/</a>

Was about to buy it but didn't know if I'd beable to hook it up to the NSX's stock stereo. Any recommendations?

G-man I haven't had any problems with my changer skipping. Maybe you should have yours checked if you still have it.

For MP3 play back I used Gateway Laptop and plugged it into my Apline system in my suburban. With over 6600 songs to choose from I could drive around the world and not hear the same song twice!


I think I post to many pics? What do you all think?
I just recently took delivery of an empeg unit which I plan to install in my NSX.

The Neo 35 unit is interesting and very attractively priced. However, everyone that has compared both units says the empeg is better. Besides the additional functionality and the superior screen of the empeg, I think the Neo looks kind of ugly-- It looks distinctively like a removable 3.5" hard drive canister. I'm not sure I would feel comfortable having something that looks like that in my dash. One nice thing about the empeg is how its coloration and surface texture comes very close to matching the plastic on the NSX's center console. You bought an NSX, why would you want to settle for anything less than the best in your stereo system?

I am also working on replacing the empeg boot-up logo on the unit with an NSX logo. I'll post pictures of the install once its complete.

First I have to figure out how to handle the non-standard opening on the center console problem. One idea I had was getting one of these companies that makes a carbon fiber dash kit for the NSX to sell me a kit without the radio part cut out. Once I have the empeg unit installed I could cut the carbon fiber kit myself to hide modifications. Anyone think something like this could work?

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BB where did you hear of the empeg?? was i the first one to show this to you?? That'd be cool if i did... i just dont have the funds right now to do the install... as I have over 40 gigabytes of mp3's... since all my CD's were stolen, i dont have a way to listen to my music in my NSX other than burning it all to CD-R....which i wont do b/c its a waste of money seeing as how all this mp3 technology is going in the direction of the automobile.

I'm very interested in seeing the empeg in action in an NSX... so be sure to take plenty of pix and post any problems u run into...if any.

as far as your idea for modifying a carbon fiber dash kit, i've never seen the dash taken apart so i cant comment - altho it sounds like a reasonable idea!

Let me know how it goes!

91 Black/Black