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Any pictures of 19'' or 18'' Advan Model 7's

You are lucky. My 17/18 gunmetallic AVS Model 7 just arrived last week(after 2 months waiting), and I'm going to put them on when my tires are here.
I'll post some pic later.
That is awesome!!! Please post pictures when you can. Also if you don't mind, could you send me a private email of where you got them and how much you paid if you don't mind. I was going to get mine from GT Autosports. I am not to sure who else imports them. Thanks.
Do they make an Advan 7 in 19 inch? I've only seen 18's.

NSEX you should post some of those pics you sent me the other day, you guys in B.C. have some sweet rides. Post more of that copper/orange NSX too.
Yes, the model 7's are available in 19''. I want to go with 19x10'' in the rear and 18x8'' in the front. It would be similar to blue Phase NSX with 19'' Advan model 5 that is pictured for an advertisment for Yok. However I want to see a picture of an NSX with the model 7's. Also what is the number for UPRD (they are the big Supra people, right?) Thanks, and please post pictures!!!

More pics: http://www.overboost.com/story.asp?id=254

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I like those wheels, maybe because they look similar to OEM? Couple questions if anyone can answer:
Do they come in 17-18" combo's?
Do they fit big brake kits? Looks like they would because the 240 has brembo's.
How much do they weigh (I know this depends on size)?
How much are they?

thanks in advance.