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Anybody Collect any types of Sports Memorabilia?

16 April 2008
I used to collect when I was a little kid. All a sudden I started collecting signed baseball and football stuff again. This site www.sportsmemorabilia.com got me collecting again. In the past few months I got my hands on some pretty cool signed stuff of some of my current and childhood idols. I just bought a baseball with all the phillies pitching starters and the closing pitcher. So I guess Im wondering if any members have crazy collections of any type of sports stuff? Like always pictures would be really cool of your collections. Ill try to take some if the thread even goes anywhere.
These are just a few of the items I have picked up over the years that I keep in my office:


I also have a large collection of items that I have gathered throughout the last 20+ years of touring baseball stadiums:

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OoOoOo you have some cool stuff just in your office. I would love to have that newspaper clipping of Nolan Ryan signed. Would you sell it? Its one of the signatures I would love to have in my collection and I bet that piece you have there is very rare. Also you should get a nice display of your signed baseballs for your office. Check out some of them here http://www.sportsmemorabilia.com/search2.php?N=3580&Rpp=100&Ns=0
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I was very lucky to see Yankee pitchers David Wells &David Cones perfect games ,had my wife and boys there . my wife bought the perfection posters of both pitchers ,in the corner of each poster Ihave the ticket stubs . One in each boys bedroom . What's the odds of seeing a perfect game (21 in the history of baseball ) much less two in the same seats . Also I was at the game when Rodger Maris hit his 61 home run , just lucky I guess:biggrin:
My wife corrected me 23 perfect games, Felix Hernandez , she's a Yankee fan ,loves Joe Girardi.I am a baseball fan , shut off the volume on the tv , watch the game , only announcer I listen is Ken Singleton
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I've been a baseball fan for over fifty years, saw the Mets play in the Polo Grounds before they built Shea, saw Koufax pitch. When I was a kid, I wrote to some old-timers for their autographs, but didn't get anything framed or special or anything. Then last year I was at a game and standing next to some players in the dugout, and realized it was relatively easy to get autographs of players on the visiting team; they walk over to the stands before the game and sign. Which is nice, since my team plays far away so I'm almost always seeing them on the road in their grays. So I started arriving early and bringing a baseball and a marker with me. My baseball from last year has autographs of 17 players on my favorite team, and this year's has 22 (including one coach and the GM).
I've been collecting baseball memorabilia for well over a decade. I have a pretty nice collection in my basement and office mostly Yankees (but some Dallas Cowboy stuff) and some Hollywood memorabilia as well. I'll post some pics soon.

My advice is to get any premium memorabilia graded and authenticated, this will surely add value and protect your investment. I have used PSA or JSA both are top authenticators. Beckett is also good. Make sure you have a COA (certificate if authenticity) with any piece. Some COAs are worthless as the company (store) is not recognized, I.e, "Joe's baseball card shop" therefore another reason to use the above.

Up in Canada, we dig hockey. I am in the midst of completing my goal of getting signed jerseys of the top 10 Hockey Players of all time. To date I have 9: Orr, Gretzky, Lemieux, Howe, Richard, Beliveau, Hull, La Fleur, Hall (goalie). Any suggestions on who the number 10 should be...
Muhammad Ali! Everything that man touches is worth tons of cash. Jordan is the same way.
I used to collect all kinds of memorabilia. I looked at that website and was surprised how much they want for some of those autographs. I have a Mickey Mantle autographed Photo which whey want 1000 dollars for. Wish I had a bunch of them.One of my favorite items is an autographed team ball of the 1991 Cleveland Indians. It has 35 signatures on it. While that was one of their worst teams it holds a lot of memories because I was 14 at the time and spent quite a few games collecting all those signatures on that ball.

Also have a Csaba Csere autographed Car and Driver which is kind of cool. (he was the long time Editor and Chief).
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