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Anybody have a side-view mirror damaged or ripped off?


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25 September 2000
Tyson's Corner, VA
Well, I had my first mishap with my NSX. I was out of town visiting my girlfriend. I covered the car that night and did not return to it until the next day. When I first approached, I knew something was very wrong due to the cover being have pulled off. At any rate, the mirror section of the cover was hanging instead of perking out. Some a#$##$le apparently decided that my car would be better off if he broke off the mirror. The mirror and casing are both unblemsished suprisingly. But the harnesses that connect te mirror to the body are broke, and the wires that operate the positioning motor are severed completely. Now, I have to go through the motions with insurance and getting my wounded baby fixed.

So can anybody shed some light on what I may expect? Timelines , Costs? I have never made a claim before, so I am not very versed in dealing with insurance co's? The police report lists it as vandalism. I am hoping there is no deductable for vandalism.
At least I didn't catch the person in the act. Not only would I be dealing with fixing my car, but I would also be in jail. Use your imagination.