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Anyone can help me to inspect a NSX in Northridge?

1 May 2009
It may be a bit too late, but I am looking for any kindly NSX owner who believe they have knowledge and would like to help me as a potential first time owner to inspect a NSX.

I found a 1991 Red/Black NSX in Northridge, scheduled to meet on Friday(5/25) to inspect the car. I studied NSX wiki for inspection check list include snap ring, clutch, A/C and body work etc.

This is a original owner, with 86miles on it. Clean title, no accident, no flood, no mods no race. Replaced Timing belts and all belts, Antenna at 74kmiles.

Believe not in snap ring but have to check.
original A/C and Clutch, may have to replace soon on day.

Just want to see who can give me a quick help on 20-30 mins around Northridge 1:30pm tomorrow to give me your expert advice to make sure everything is good in case I don't miss anything. My mechanic is in costa mesa which is too far for him to come.

Anyone, please please help me out. I love NSX and I will take real good care of it and treat it like my family if I own one.
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Or anyone who can suggest a good mechanic who are familar with the NSX might do PPI?
Few other things I would check for myself. Then again I am a stickler for maintenance.

CV boots: look for grease flung around in the wheels or around the axel or boots. If there is either he didn't clean it off the last time the boots were replaced or there is a hole in them or possible the bands are not tight enough.

Hoses: when have those been replaced? I believe there are 23 total. If not replaced do so. Buy them from SOS or Delray Acura in FL. Awesome prices for the Delray but you'll have to wait a bit on shipping. Also, check the coolant expansion tank. These tend to crack with age. It is hard to spot a leak but just something to keep in mind.

Oil leaks: in my opinion no oil should leak and doesn't on my NSX. Look around the spool valve areas and near the cam plugs as well as the oil pan. If you see leaks time to get some seals or have buyer reduce price.

ABS: just ask if he has had any problems with the pump. They are expensive for the NA1 but there is a conversion to NA2 you can do. Even if there is a problem there are a few maintenance procedures you can perform.

Clutch: Look for leaks around the slave cylinder and master for that matter. Drive it to see if the clutch engages properly. There shouldn't be any chattering etc. Remember the clutch petal engages high.

Transmission: Make sure there is relatively smooth engagement in first and as well as the other gears. Get the trans warm first though. Any grinding, kicking, sticking, etc can be a sign that the syncros are worn. I have personally experienced this when my brother bought his NSX but not on my own car.

Check the belts: there are a few angles to see this. One being getting under the left side of the car and look where the harmonic balancer is to see the belt. Speaking of which ask him if he has ever replaced the balancer. If not might want to think of that in the furture.

Receipts: Get all records, carfax, hell even call the previous mechanics to ask them about it. Which reminds me most members here will tell you to get a PPI (Pre purchase Inspection). Highly recommended!!!!

Valve Adjustment: NSX has mechanical valves so the previous owner should have had this done. If not you will have to have it done. The engine sounds like a sewing machine anyways so don't let that scare you. Still, get the adjustment done.

Snap Ring: I think you mentioned it but definetly check to see if in range. I have had the failure myself and it blows.

Stereo: the bose system tends to blow the amps. I believe its one amp for each speaker except the center which is controlled by the footwell amp. Any crackling can be fixed by BrianK. Not a deal breaker, they just eventually fail.

AC: Check to see if the climate control is working properly. Any issues can also usually be remedied by BrianK by sending your CC unit in. They are expensive new so its worth fixing the original.

Thats all I got. Feel free to PM me and I'll give you my cell number in case you are concerned about something. I am out here in Riverside.

Good luck with the inspection!

Or anyone who can suggest a good mechanic who are familar with the NSX might do PPI?

Ramon at Niguel Motors. He will shoot you straight. He has been a great asset to me with my NSX ownership. There may be others such as Autowave but I have never had an issue with Ramon and he has done extensive maintenace on my car. He will not overcharge you either. Simple way of proving this is to just call around and compare the prices. I have done this multiple times and Ramon always comes out on top without sacrificing attention to detail. I am sure others will have their own recommendations and are closer to where you are looking at the car. Hit me up if you need me to call him ahead of time for you to get the ball rolling.

Or anyone who can suggest a good mechanic who are familar with the NSX might do PPI?

Niguel Motors is good, but it's pretty far from Northridge.

A few friends of mine with S2000s and 1 with a NSX recommends Tony Fuchs's shop (of 1990s Battle of the Imports fame).

It's within a few miles of Northridge and Tony Fuchs is a Honda expert. Definitely recommend contacting him first, then going to Ramon @ Niguel as a backup.

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