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Anyone looking for a track toy???? JH4NA1152PT000270

13 November 2001
Paging Shawn. I would probably offer them 9k and see where it ends up. Could be a cheap one to get into as a fixer upper. Hopefully it doesn't need time on the frame rack to get pulled on.
I was e-mailed this from another member like last week I think, it was on e-bay

was 14K at the time I saw it.

it looks like it was riced out. so I wonder how the engine was taken care of

these things are scary. I would buy it for like 5-7K only

it would def make a great track car.
would ahve to sit down and figure out how much used parts off ebay cost
and if ebay offers them.

a rough estimate I would say body only who know if it runs or needs timing belt etc.

front end only about 3500-5K