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Anyone running RM's big nitrous (150) kit

2 July 2000
Raleigh, NC
Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone was running or had heard of anyone that had experience with the RM big nitrous kit. I was curious about it so I spoke with someone from RM. To make a long story short, It is a setup that runs a seperate fuel tank and fuel pump, with the stock injectors, is this correct? I was told this setup costs around 1k would let you jet up to 150. (keeping the dry shot setup) Sounds super high tech, I just wonder how reliable something like that would be, not mentioning 150 hp on a stock bottom end and stock injectors. I just wanted to get you guys opinion. Thanks.

Brent Cobb from Texas is running is own 150 shot and his car has 174,000 miles. What he did to get the extra power was to add an in-line fuel pump (NOS red I think), and run a bigger NOS jet. He told me he dynoed at 350 rwhp. I saw the car at expo and the install was very straight forward. He's been running the setup for a while now with no complaints. Hope this helps.

I just posted a few pics I found from NSXPO of Brent's clean engine compartment. Notice the additional fuel pump mounted to the firewall.

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