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Anyone who bought their NSX new

9 September 2000
Arcadia, Calif., USA
I'm close to ordering a 2001 NSX at a local dealership and I would like to know from those who bought their NSXs new how much off sticker price did you get and was there a factory to dealer incentive at the time. If there was an incentive, how much was it and at what time of the year was it offered. This will give me an idea of how much I should pay for a new one before I go to the dealer. I plan to order a coupe if there are no targas around that I like. Thanks for any replies.
Does this mean you can buy new for 67k, plus dealer profit. Here the dealer might give a 20k discount on a 140k NSX if he likes you. And that is a mighty big IF.
That information is incorrect..... there is not a 10k incentive on 2001 NSXs.....The invoice is close to 78k plus destination of 745..... A realistic price for a new one would be around 81-82,000 . I have an Acura store and would be willing to help if you are serious..... LEase or purchase?


Todd Arnold
The invoice is close to 78k plus destination of 745

...less the holdback of $1,760, for an NSX-T.

Complete pricing info is available at http://edmunds.com

The true dealer cost for a six-speed coupe is $73,920 plus destination less holdback of $1,680, which winds up around $73,000. Those prices are for the 2000 model but they probably won't change for 2001.

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I have a close friend that works for an ACURA dealership. The average price sale of NSXs(targa) has been around $82-85k at that dealership. They have not sold one for under $80k. Again, this may be different for different dealerships & different regions.

Also, with how the stock market has been doing the past 6-8months, I noticed that the inventory of the local exotic car dealership(that I frequently drive by) has not changed at all for many months Meaning, not many people are buying expensive cars, which you may be able to use that to your advantage.

Good luck!!

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The dealers invoice should be around $78K on the NSX-T.

And I believe that the $82-85K range sounds right (that's what I paid for my 2000 NSX-T). Remember to factor in options before settling on a price (they'll tell ya that the 6 CD changer costs $1000 and so forth). I went in to the dealership thinking I could get the base car with no options for around $81K, but they used the options I wanted to drive the price well over that.

No factory incentives were available when I bought mine.

I'll add that Acura of Pasadena (where I bought mine) has had a new red/black 2000 NSX-T (#244) sitting on their showroom floor for something like six months now. I'm wondering how much of a deal you can squeeze out of them since it has been there for so long. They even advertise it in the L.A. Times Classifieds.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
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Thanks everyone for all your replies so far. I just saw at www.edmunds.com under regional factory incentives and rebates that Acura just started on 1/4/01 a dealer cash incentive of $5K on all 2000 NSXs. The incentive expires end of February. I would get a 2000 model if there was a red/tan one locally here in Southern California. I really don't want to go out of state to purchase one. I would consider trying to negotiate for that one at Acura Pasadena, since it is only ten minutes from where I live, and I too noticed it being in the showroom for around half a year now, but my '94 was red/blk also so I really want a change a little bit and opt for the tan interior. Actually I would consider the silver one too. So it looks like I'll have to get a 2001 and hopefully Acura will have an incentive for the '01s also. I wonder how many '00s are still unsold in order for Honda to offer a dealer incentive? My guess would be at least 50. But there certainly not many 2000s to choose from in my area. Thanks again for all your replies!
The dealers invoice should be around $78K on the NSX-T.

The dealer cost (excluding this latest incentive) is $76,424. This is equal to the base dealer cost ($77,439) plus transportation charge ($745) minus the holdback (2 percent of MSRP excluding shipping, or $1,760).

Of course, what a given dealer is actually willing to sell it for is another story entirely.
Also keep in mind that the dealers have to pay interest on all their inventory that they have. Keeping a ~$80k car(along with other inventory) on the lot for many months is costing the dealership a lot of money they have to pay in interest. It's totally a "buyer's market" right now, so play hardball with them.

I saw on news the other day regarding Dealerships and inventory. A local Ford dealership here currently has ~240 cars in their lot. Same time last year, they had ~75 cars in their lot and they are now spending thousands of $$ in interest per month. The surge in the market the past 2 years have caused many dealerships to stock up on inventory and now they can't get rid of it. That Ford dealership is even selling cars below dealer invoice which they said that on the air trying to get people to come in and buy.

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Thanks Johndoh for bringing that silver NSXT to my attention. That price of $76K is right in my ballpark but too bad the dealer is all the way up in Washington. I never bought a car out of state. Where and when do I have to pay the sales tax and registration when I bring it back to California? Anyway, with the incentive, I figure the dealer will be making $3-4K off the deal. With the NSX sales being so slow, it really is a buyer's market. I probably can get them to go even lower because they probably had that car on their lot for over half a year by now and want to get rid of it. Thanks again for the info!
There are few things you can do. It doesn't hurt to try and you can always walk away if you're unhappy or uncomfortable.

1) Call up Acura of Bellevue and see if they will do all the paper work for you so all you have to do is pay for the car. You may need to pay for shipping or even negotiate that as well. Remember that you're trying to buy their "flagship" car, not just another integra(no offense intended), so you should be expected to be treated well. The dealership sure wouldn't want to lose the deal just because someone lived out of state especially when you're talking about a $80k car. I'd think that they'd be happy to just get it off their lot. If you're interested, I can refer you to the guy I bought my car from. He's absolutely the best guy I've ever worked with.

2) Talk to a local or respected Acura dealership near you and see if they can get the car for you. That way, the local dealership takes care of the shipping and all the paperwork is done in state when you're getting the car.

Remember that you have the total advantage at this moment.

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