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ATTN: Asian Prime Members

2 December 2004
Do you want to be targeted by the CHP as an "at-risk" race while driving? If you do not enjoy racial profiling, then I suggest you contact the CHP (see below for contact info) and assert your dissatisfaction with their behavior.



"Drivers of stock vehicles that come from the factory with some of the characteristics of modified cars have experienced harassment under this provision. One such motorist complained on an enthusiast website that the Calfiornia Highway Patrol was using these programs to make "driving while Asian" a crime, pointing out that the department's own website has several pages dedicated to Asian involvement in street racing and "vehicle modification."

I cannot believe someone had the nerve to put this up on a state website of all things. This is implied racism at its finest. I for one do not want to see any race singled out. Any lawyers on here?

California Highway Patrol
Office of Public Affairs
P. O. Box 942898
Sacramento, California 94298-0001

Email: [email protected]

I've never personally seen a street race. I guess Ohio and Cali are different worlds.

Isn't taking cars just because they're modified, or giving tickets on exhaust noise based on "officers judgement" against your rights? I mean, an officer cant say "it looked like you were going 5 over, but I didn't have my radar gun".

I understand it's a problem, but this just seems like it's gonna punish as many people who JUST modify their cars and don't race, as it will racers
I understand your concern and there is definately an issue here that needs to be addressed carefully. People's rights do need to be protected. However, can you argue with the statistics about the death rates specific to the asian community (listed on the first link)? Obviously more context needs to be given to these numbers, but true street racing in any context should be discouraged. If you were in the CHP responsible for reducing street racing what would you do?
I would discourage street racing, period. I do discourage street racing, period.

I wouldn't imply that a particular ethnic community is responsible for a majority of the street racing. In fact, I do not believe the statistics regarding Asian immigration, etc. are necessary to discourage street racing or improving traffic safety.

The following statement is what irks me the most:

"The goal of API Outreach is to reduce the number of Asian surnamed drivers and victims involved in traffic-related collisions."

Exactly how do they plan to do that? Through community outreach programs as they propose or through racial profiling?

Let's get past the smoke and mirrors.

This is what I recall:

"Motor vehicle-related injuries are the leading cause of death for Americans 1-34 years of age."

< http://www.cdc.gov/od/oc/media/pressrel/r010518.htm >

The statistics they posted up are a joke -- inconclusive and incomplete. I love it when infidels cut and paste portions of a carefully implemented study to support their own agenda. We need to see the whole study. What do the rankings mean? If there are rankings, then there is data that has been left out purposely. Do these numbers represent deaths caused by street racing, or comprehensive motor vehicle-related injuries (including deaths of passengers in cars, deaths of pedestrians, etc.)


Here is some more info for now (although the study is older, it includes more data points)

Let's see a link to the original study they cite. I am still on the search.
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it was that damn movie "Fast and the Furious"

jonny tran <-- vietnamese name, but non-vietnamese actor??

how would the entire usa like it if we took a statistic of the surnames of "jones" or "smith" that died in motor vehicle accident from the same age group. and if it turned out to be higher in other states, would that make them street racers? the entire premise of the CHP website is to justify themselves of being "law enforcers" instead of racial profilers.
azndng said:
it was that damn movie "Fast and the Furious"

jonny tran <-- vietnamese name, but non-vietnamese actor??

Rick Yune as Johnny Tran was a misguided and cliche'd token of a role, as many of the Asian-Americans who live in SoCal can also agree w/.

Well, R.J. de Vera (as Danny Yamato in "Fast & the Furious") is Rohan James de Vera of RoJa Motorsports. For such a credible street-tuner & big-wig in the import showcar scene, it's amazing he was even a part of the movie (F&F w/ all it's stereotypes, generalizations, inaccuracies, and such). :eek:

Well, atleast one of his lifelong goals was obtaining an Acura NSX, which he has achieved. No one's perfect. . . :wink:

I recall he was trying to come-up w/ design-firm to rival Veilside, which he emulates alot. I don't know what came of his plans or initiative.

Back to the original topic, yes... stereotyping, profiling, generalizing is a bad thing. I'm not surprised to see something like this surface in CA, especially w/ the law enforcement organizations there. . . :frown:
i'm sure alot of other minority primer's would chime in, but i think that this sort of racial profiling is probably an every day occurance for other racial types in various other situations, i feel your pain though.
I am asian myself. I guess the word ricer probably gave them wrong concept about asian people.