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Attn: Goldy

28 March 2000
I see you are from Toronto. At the end of the month I am driving Chicago to Montreal via Toronto. Two questions for you: 1)I'm sure I'll make the trip in two days and kind of plan Toronto to be my midpoint.. Can you reccomend a hotel in Toronto not too far from Hwy 401.... (I'm not too fussy, but my car is, if you know what I mean) 2)What is the police situation on the Hwy from the border to Toronto/ Toronto Montreal. I have a good radar and would like to make good time.

As always, Thanks for your help.

I have the perfect hotel in mind,...right off the 401, across the road from a myriad of dining/entertainment options, about midway through Toronto...Holiday Inn Toronto Yorkdale (416-789-5161) or 1-800-465-4329.
Regarding 401/police situation.....I have traveled that route many a time, and havn't found police activity anything special...ie:keep your eyes open, and open her up occasionally, but dont make a pig of yourself...lol...or you might be sorry..
I would also suggest NOT travelling through Toronto during weekday AM and PM rush hours...unless you want to get that Atlanta/I75 feeling.
Finally, I would suggest a slight course alteration that will not change your ETA or Police situation, but is DEFINITLY a bonus!!!
As you head east on the 401 from Toronto to Montreal there is a alternate route which runs parallel to the 401 for about 2 hrs...you know..winding road, awesome lake side scenery, in short, a real beutiful stretch of drive ,...then reconnects to the 401, no way to get lost , just travel it end to end...Its called the "1000 Islands Parkway" and you hit it about 2 1/2 hours outside of Toronto (20 mins east of Kingston)...just hop on and ride it all the way through,...you will rejoin the 401 in about 2 hrs,..uninterupted on your road trip to Montreal. Consider it a BONUS!!
Hope this helped ....enjoy!
Detroit to Toronto will take from 3.75 to 4.75 hrs depending on when you will cross through A) the border and B)major cities..detroit,windsor,London and Toronto.

Toronto to montreal will take from 4.75 to 5.75 hrs, depending on you're exuberance and random traffic conditions...hope you enjoy you're trip.

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by the way....the 401 speed limit is 100 kph(about 62mph). Most people travel at a constant rate of 120 kph (appx 74 mph)and I have never heard of anyone getting speeding tickets at that speed (I have passed numerous radar traps at 115-120 and have never been flagged down...)I usually travel at this speed with occasional bursts to 100 mph (160 kph), but I am always looking far ahead for radar trouble.Very late at night and with no traffic ,however,and all bets are off....
Hope your visit is uneventful in this catagory at least!!
I think radar detectors are still illegal in Ontario, aren't they? If you get caught with one I seem to remember there's a hefty fine (I haven't lived in Toronto for six years). And most "caught you" situations involve stopping for coffee or gas and a passing officer notices the detector, in my experience

That said, you can do 130 - 140 with practically no problem on the 401 outside the Toronto area (at least that's what I've found)

Thanks for your advice.... I do have a radar....the sensor is in the nose and the unit is hidden in the ashtray. I'll let you know how it goes.


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