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ATTN: TORONTO Area NSX Owners!!!!!!

28 April 2001
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I met you at Sherway Acura. I was in the Championship White Type R with the Japanese front end, you were in the red '91 NSX with aftermarket rims. We chatted for a bit and might potentially hit some lapping days at Shannonville, I took your number down on my cell, but the blasted phone did NOT save your number!! If you are on this board (which you mentioned you follow) send me an email at [email protected] with your cell number so we can make future arrangements to hit the track!!

97 Integra Type R #429
(waiting to hit 25 soon and afford an NSX!!)
Hello, I am just one of the few NSX owner that lives in Toronto and would like to meet some of the other fellow NSX owners out there like myself. Anyone that would like to get together for a drink to trade ideas or stories and even maybe go to the tracks together this summer. Can drop me a line or give me a call @ 416.417.6100
Originally posted by nsxtasy:
Come to the ITR Expo 2002! It's an easy drive from TO...

hahah, yes, we have a Type R club going and know all about the expo. This year it is a lot closer, and will likely have a convey to the location, last year it was a bit far to cali, so no one from Toronto went. Check here for more details: http://pub64.ezboard.com/btypercluboftorontoontario

Wow, you dug up a really old thread!