Awesome Journey

Apr 20, 2000
Lady Lake,Fl
Hey everyone,
Just got back from an incredible awesome journey. I went about 9500 Miles in 3 weeks across america in my NSX sticking mostly to 2 lane country, mountain, canyon roads! The NSX was great and performed extreemly well as a touring car. This is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. On mountain and canyon roads the NSX feels at home and provided an awesome view of america (mostly at high speed!).

Some statistics:

Origination: Lady Lake, Florida
Destination: Anacortis, Washington State

Total Mileage Traveled: 9645
Gallons of Gas: 368.9
Average MPG: 26.1
Worst MPG: 17.2
Best MPG: 29

Number of states visited: 23
Number of national Parks: 6
Number of State Parks: Many

Only maintenance: Rear tires and an oil change in Seattle

Only problem: Lost tow hook cover in Montana during an off road excursion (thanks to Montana DOT)! (make note: NSX NOT recommended off road)

Speeding Tickets: 1 (in SD : ( )

Memorable Drives (some of many):
Kentucky - 988 & Cumberland Gap Rd.
Montana - Rt 212 (watch road conditions!)
Washington Sate- Rt2 through stevens pass (watch traffic!)
Washington State- 530
Oregon - 7
Oregon - 395
Arizona - 191 through apache nat?l forest (INCREADABLE! - watch for rocks).

Note: the NSX and marriott hotels may be the perfect answer to owning an RV!

H. Gunner
91 NSX Blk/Blk
Sep 9, 2000
Arcadia, Calif., USA
What a trip! I always think about taking a cross country driving tour everytime I pick up a road atlas. I'm glad to hear your NSX held up great and that it's a good car to drive long distances in. I'm afraid to take mine out for that long of a drive because of the wear and tear it will have on it. I will probably take such a drive but probably in a car that is sporty but not nice enough that I will have to worry about stone chips and such. Maybe like in a older BMW M3, Vette, or Porsche.

'00 NSX-T, silverstone/blk, #252
Apr 27, 2001
Houston, TX USA
HGUNNERZ - That sounds like an awesome trip. You're an even better advocate than I of getting out and using your car for what it was designed for - driving, not occupying space in a climate-controlled garage. Prior to our NSX, my wife and I had an third-gen RX-7. As much fun as that was blasting away from stop lights, nothing compares to the memories I have of our Thanksgiving holiday drive from Houston to Columbia, MO on tiny two-lane Arkansas mountain roads. They are memories that I'll never forget and I would take all the wear, tear, and rock chips in the world to keep them.

Drive 'em people - don't baby 'em.
Apr 20, 2000
Lady Lake,Fl
The depreciation, wear and tear, and so forth were considerations I had before leaving. I don't think adding 10K miles to an NSX with 70K already on it really changed the value much as a new one, but a consideration anyway. Stone chips are a real concern (exp. out west). I stayed far behind semi trucks and would try to get a mini-van or SUV between me and the truck if possible (a good use for mini-vans).
Hitting animals and rocks were also a worry (hit one rock, no damage, missed several animals).

But for all my worrying nothing really bad happened and I now have memories for a lifetime.

Can't wait to do it again! Highly recommended. Now I'll spend the weekend cleaning and polishing it back into shape.