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Back by Popular Demand ... TRACK DAY!

2 March 2000
Toronto, Canada
Remember this?

Over 25 NSX’s …. 2 Km long track … 8 turns …. 3 hours of track time … And a ton of fun!

We had many drivers asking about another TRACK event. So here’s your opportunity to do it again! A few things are different now:

Longer track - 3Km … wider Track – up to 40 feet wide … 14 turns instead of 8 … 7 hours of track time (not 3) … mix and dice with other exotics for a fun filled day!

This track day is organized by the Toronto Motorsport Park in Cayuga and is their annual Exotics Day.

• Open to “Exotic Cars” only!
• Safe, controlled environment to have fun and improve your driving skills
• Drivers are grouped according experience and skill level
• Professional instruction available to assess and enhance your driving technique
• Registration is limited. Pre-registration is $200 + HST
• Fee includes lunch for driver and one guest

Sunday September 28th @ Cayuga 10:00am - 5:00pm
Pre-registration: $200 plus HST

Please visit the website http://www.torontomotorsportspark.com/raceway/exotic_car_lapping.html and register!!

Who's going?

1. Rob M
2. Lionel
3. Bram
4. Daria
5. Chris
6. Lucas
7. Sean
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I'm going to try to make it out to this one! I can't race my car as my clutch is slipping bad however I think we'll come out to spectate!
We have more than 1/2 dozen cars ... great start and it will be a ton of fun.

Now you need to do the hard work and click on the link http://www.torontomotorsportspark.com/raceway/exotic_car_lapping.html to register. Spots will NOT be held for you and it is first come first served! Please register as soon as possible!

Let me know once you have each registered!

During the registration process, you will be asked your skill level. Don't' worry about what skill level you are – you can always move to a slower or faster group if you’re not comfortable. Best to start off in the beginner class and move up as opposed to getting spanked by a more experienced driver right off the start!
Track Day Reminder and Visitor Invitation Sunday September 28th

Sunday September 28[SUP]th[/SUP] Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga)

Please look at for all the details.


For those who have done track days we all know how enjoyable and addictive they are.

If you would like to try for the first time your fellow NSXers will help you with on track instruction and guidance.

However if you have never been on the track with your car and are not sure about it come out and see what it is all about.

Go as a passenger with one of your fellow NSXers around the track for a few laps.

Or just come out and spectate and mingle with the club members.

We will arrange a great lunch in the nearby town of Cayuga.

Please sign up on the above thread (or email me directly) as a track day participant or a visitor.
I may show up to say hi to some oldies............
Track Day Reminder Sunday September 28th 10am to 5pm

Spoke to Toronto Motorsports Park today.....Exotic Car Day is not on....apparently not enough "Exotics" registered so it is an Open Lapping day.
No problem we have enough "Exotic" NSXs.

Good news it is now reduced from $200 to $130 + HST to register beforehand (they say today is deadline) do it online soon should be OK for this price.


Registration at the Track is $150 + HST.

For first timers if you want to learn how to go really fast Rob will guide you, if you want to go a lot slower I will guide you.

Visiting NSXers who just want to come out and watch it is $20 per person to enter for the day.
Please come out and see your fellow NSXers on the track and get a ride as a passenger if you want.
Food at the track is adequate, but if the majority wants we can go to a nice restaurant in Cayuga for Lunch.

- - - Updated - - -

Shawna, Tamar and Henry we look forward to seeing you at Cayuga.
Sorry, won't make it out............golfing getting in the way! Have fun!
Track Day Sunday September 28th 10am to 5pm

Not sure how many have finally decided to attend as participants or spectators.(Spectators $20 at the gate)
Whatever the number coming the weather is perfect so we are all set for a great day (or half day if that is all you can spare) of enjoying our cars and socializing with our fellow NSXers.

For those taking part remember to fill your tank and make sure your tire pressures are correct.

We will decide at lunch time whether to have it at the track or go to a restaurant in Cayuga.

Looking forward to seeing you. Track opens at 10am.

I will be meeting one or two people at the Wendy's and Tim Hortons at Upper Centennial and Mud streets in Stoney Creek if anyone would like to join.

Time is subject to adjustment, so let me know if you'd like to join and we can run together.

Edit: Lionel, is it $20 each to spectate, or per carload?
Some pictures from Track Day

2014-09-28 12.54.07.jpg2014-09-28 13.04.02.jpg2014-09-28 13.36.53.jpg2014-09-28 13.55.55.jpg
Ryker having a great time at Track Day.
Rob saw all these very fast cars on the track.
He thought which was the likely to be the fastest.
He decided it was the Radical...a car specially designed for Track Days.
Rob in his NSX and with his excellent driving ability came very close to catching the Radical.