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Bad Luck

3 March 2005
Houston TX
Last weekend, I went out to a bar with a few friends and then went to grab something to eat at a local restaurant (around 3AM)

Although I parked my NSX far from anyone else, a drunk driver managed to hit a pole and a newspaper stand and the stand flew up and landed against my car, leaving a huge scratch on the rear bumper(about 6 inches long, 1.5 inches wide) and then the b*st*rd drove off. Anyways, I'm just wondering what I should do to get it fixed? I just want it to look like nothing ever happened.

Some say I can easily buff it out - will it look exactly like it did before if I get it buffed out?

Or should I have it repainted?

Thanks for your help in advance!
I agree with Ray. If the buffing does not do it, check with your local dealerships to see who does their on site bumper/scratch repainting. There is usually one or two guys that work out of a van and airbrush the "defect", and they are very good at color matching. So good that much of their work is not ever detailed to the owner of the cars it was done on, since the "defect" happened while under the dealers "care". Good luck.
Ohhhh Noooooo! I caution you against ncdogdoc's suggestion. Here is the short story:

My brand new Acura CL Type S in for first service at dealership. They back it into something and ding the bumper, nice scratch about 2" long and 1/4" wide. They say they will take care of it and it will look factory new. I ask them their plan and they tell me about their excellent, experienced, perfectionist of a bumper repair man that comes to their lot and takes care of these minor scratches on-site.

Being a former auto-painter from too many decades ago to tell, I caution them against some cheap quickie fix that is going to make matters worst and tell them it is their decission to fix, so long as it looks brand new.

The next day I go to pick the car up after they call and say it looks just like new. Holly cr_p! The car looks like someone used a paint roller on the back bumper, complete with painting over the dust. Their is now midnight black pearl paint on the exhaust tips, and both rear wheels and tires, as if they were not masked or covered at all. I then notice overspray all over the entire car. I take 10 seconds to calm down and then go into the service department to seek out the service manager....

I ask him if he had a chance to inspect my car upon it being completed. He said he had not but he knows the man personally and knows it will be perfect. I ask him to walk outside and look at the car with me. To say he was emberassed does not quite capture his response. He was not even close to the car when he saw what it looked like. He started appologizing and did not stop for 10 minutes. He then told me to leave the car another day and they would take care of it. This time it would go to their Acura certified autobody shop, (not their bodyshop, but one certified to do warranty repairs). I again cautioned him not to let this get worst.

2 days later I go to get the car and the overspray has been removed from the car body and the rear bumper was removed and repainted. Unfortunately when they polished it they burned through the paint in several areas that were quite apparent and then used a brush to touch it up. OK, they said they would repaint it again. Same thing happened again -believe it.

At this point I get a little agressive and tell them to fix it like new or buy it. I go back the next day and they had removed a brand new bumper from a brand new CL Type S and put it on my car. OK that problem was solved. I then had then clay the rear wheels to remove the overspray and replace the rear tires that they could not adequately clean to remove the paint.

They never touched my car again. The moral of the story, be very very cautious about the parking lot bumper reapir job. Perhaps there are some that are as good as they say, perhaps not.

Take the car to a quality shop and have it done right once. You will be much happier in the long run.
Impressive.., I am surprised the dealer would go through all that to please a customer. Not to say that you don't deserve what you asked for. But, in my mind, a dealer will try to weasel out as much as they can.

Now, being someone that does not have previous auto painting experience, I would've picked up the car upon the first repair, and then have friends that spot overspray or bumper burns..etc for me much later on. By then, it'd hard to go back and get it fix by the dealer. :(

Glad to hear you got it taken care of.
Great story and a great lesson about setting expectations and communicating them to the people doing work on your car. As we wrote in one of our tips, the repair folks cannot read your mind so comminicating to them exactly what you want down to the smallest details will go a long way.

If you want to read more about setting expectations here: