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Bay Harbor Concours 2005

30 April 2003
Indianapolis, IN
Friday night was a little get-toghter with some of the cars that will be in the main show on Saturday. Here are some of the pics thus far. I apologize for the 2 different sizes, but my stepson must have changed my camera settings...

715Bay Harbor-Friday 005.jpg

552Bay Harbor-Friday 008.jpg

768Bay Harbor-Friday 012.jpg

879Bay Harbor-Friday 013.jpg

149Bay Harbor-Friday 014.jpg

792Bay Harbor-Friday 015.jpg

036Bay Harbor-Friday 021.jpg

802Bay Harbor-Friday 027.jpg

812Bay Harbor-Friday 028.jpg

145Bay Harbor-Friday 029.jpg

097Bay Harbor-Friday 039.jpg

675Bay Harbor-Friday 041.jpg

995Bay Harbor-Friday 047.jpg

427Bay Harbor-Friday 055.jpg

and the sunset on my way home...
513Bay Harbor-Friday 056.jpg

I'll have more tomorrow...
Nice pics... Thanks for sharing, you lucky bum.. :smile:
I will be waiting for the others.