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BC prime'rs: Seat Cushion

26 May 2007
vancouver, bc
hello all,

i am from vancouver/richmond area, and i was wondering have anyone of you have troubles with the NSX's headroom, and went about solving it by driving without a the lower seat cushion?

or replaced the seat cushion with the Dali racing cushion?

or other ways to gain more headroom?

i am thinking about the NSX but i have try sat in a few (coupes), but no luck with the headroom (6'0", long torso), and i cant really take out the seat cushion at a dealership to see the fitment..

Commonly done with track people as helmets add a couple inches and the Dali cushions have holes in them for sub belts.

I did mine and it is relatively easy to do. And easy to reverse if you wish. I got a couple inches of headroom frpm it too.

I ended up going with race seats now though.

I would recommend the Dali cushions.
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but have you heard/seen anyone that drives the nsx without any seat cushion for maximum headroom? maybe just put a really thin foam on the bottom of the seat?

any locals want to chime in?
One of our local guys who run on the track have done just that. He removed the oem seat cushion and just have a dense foam piece cut into a shape to fit. Doesn't look very hot but he only does this for track days. The added benefit of removing the oem padding is that you sit a few inches lower in the bucket which will now grip you better.

Your other option is to do like Dave and just run aftermarket seats which will sit lower. Bride Low Max seats fit the bill. Sze Chi has one and loves it.

Don't let something like the seat keep you out of this fine automobile! :cool:
Sure, as John said people run on the aluminum seat pan with a towel on it, but the Dali cushions can be kept in the car, are mostly comfortable for longish drives and I think mine was about 1/2 thick. So theyre a better option in my mind.