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Best sale price: Bring a Trailer vs. eBay - opinions

26 April 2008
Sugar Land, TX
After we've all seen some sets of NSX NA1 stock OEM wheels sell for incredible amounts on Bring a Trailer, which attractively caps the seller fees as low as $99.00, with buyers paying the end fees, as opposed to the higher seller fees charged on eBay, what are the opinions, thoughts, input, personal experiences, and constructive words of advice y'all have as far as which platform is the better one to choose for selling a set of four very desirable NSX factory wheels, without tires, that will garner the best final sales price for the seller?

Yes, we've also heard rumors that those insane selling prices shown on BaT are due to pre-arranged deals between parties who are involved in money laundering schemes, so knowledgeable and factual commentary about that element are certainly of concern.

Thanks in advance for all constructive & polite posts.
Nobody is "money laundering" $10K on BaT or anywhere else.

Nice NSX's are worth the most with oem wheels, so it makes sense that as the values have gone up, folks are returning their cars to original configuration.

I've sold 7 cars (one NSX) and bought 5 cars (one NSX) and a motorcycle on BaT, very satisfied.

Also sold 2 non-vehicle items there for great prices.

If BaT will give you a reserve price you're ok with, I'd definitely go that way. (Personally I'd go no reserve, but that is always a risk.)