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Best toolset?

26 September 2001
I have two questions I guess, first is which is better 6 point or 12 point sockets and why? Second questions is what is the best toolset for the serious but non-professional mechanic? I have bought a fair number of Craftsman tools, but recognize they aren't the greatest in the world, I was looking at a Facom set from Griot's garage http://www.griotsgarage.com/catalog.jsp?L1=L1_2000&L2=L2_2010&SKU=FK20 , but when looking at the actual components some of them (especially the sockets) don't look all that great. So is there a set out there sold by someone that is really good or should I just build a set? I was also thinking of buying Snapon since a neighbor of mine is a snapon dealer, but I'm not sure what I'd have to pay for a full set. Thanks.

Chris Marsh
Originally posted by cmarsh90:
I have two questions I guess, first is which is better 6 point or 12 point sockets and why?

6 point sockets are better because they have greater contact with the fastener. 12 point sockets are somewhat easier to use because you don't have to line them up just right to put them on the fastener - there are more positions in which they will fit on the fastener which can help in tight quarters.
Sorry, can't help with Facom except to say that Griot's is a bit pricey, IMO.
Snap On are great tools but extremely expensive. You might want to take a look in your local Home Depot. Their hand tools are supposedly made by the same company that used to make Craftsman tools but to a higher quality. I have not purchased any. I'm giving up on Craftsman and will probably buy Mac from now on but that's an easy decision 'cause I get a big discount!!
PS: If money is no object take a look at the USAG Formula 1 set!

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