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Bet this won't last long

3 May 2003
Henderson, NV
Aww, I really did want it. Congrats to the new owner! If you read this please post all the details! :smile:
It was listed even cheaper on NSXPRIME classifieds! Someone got a great deal

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I think I saw that NSX at a meet in Springfield about 5 years ago. John was a friendly guy and the car was mint! Congrats on your purchase.
I know John and I've driven this car...the only NSX I've ever driven, and he was nice enough to let me chase him for over 2hrs while he ran from me in my own car! It was a great measuring stick for the car that I eventually purchase. Definitely worth the 45 minute drive to meet up with him. I figured we'd go around the block and he'd be like, "Okay, let's head back to the house." Instead he said,"If you want, I'll just drive your S2000 and we can take this back road I know. It'll only take 45 minutes or so." About and hour later we wound up at a gas station where he says,"If you don't mind, there's another road we can take to get back instead of heading straight down this highway." If I don't mind...of course I don't mind, I'm driving and 91 NSX with only 19,xxx miles on it. I'm having the time of my life! So all in all, we were gone for about 2.5hrs on this "test drive", and afterward we went to eat at the only BBQ buffet I've ever seen, and it happens to be right there in Aurora...awesome day!!!

Unfortunately for me, I only found out a couple hours ago that it was up for sale again and I started working on the details to grab it myself instantly. I don't want red, but I know what this car is, and I would have gladly taken it! It's funny because my fiance and I were talking about it the other day, and I told her about how I didn't want red, but if John put his up for sale again, I'd snatch it up. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough. :( This car is pretty much show room perfect, so congrats to the new owner. They will be getting a PRISTINE example of this fabulous car. I just wish that new owner could have been me.

Perhaps the one for me will come along sometime soon.
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I purchased this NSX from a prime member sight unseen and was completely satisfied. I sold it to a prime member sight unseen and I hope that he is completely satisfied.

I understand that it is important to be carefull when making an expensive purchase and I am not recommending that people take this kind of risk. But I loved this car and I did not have to sell it. The purchaser got this NSX because he was respectful and trusting. I feel too often buyers treat private party sales as if they are dealing with a dishonest dealership.

Thank you Milton for selling this beautiful NSX to me.
Thanks Brian for the CCU and amp repair.
Thanks John, I hope you enjoy the car.
Thanks Skyler for the kind words.
Thanks PRIME.
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