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bilstein shocks

14 March 2001
After buying a suspension kit from dali racing.
Btw I had no problems with Mark & if
he is reading this THANKS again.
I found on the rear set of shocks, the bellows or dust cover was diff then the front set.
The rear cover is a hard plastic and does
not fit snuggly around the base of the shock.
The cover just flops around loose!
In the neck of the cover is a fitting that rides on the shaft of the shock and holds the cover in place.
The bottom of the cover is open about ½ " all the way around and does not close up tight. The front cover is held at the bottom with a zip tie. You cant do this in the rear at all.
I think I will buy 2 additional front covers and use them instead. What do you think??

98-T r\t #28
Install what came with the shocks. The larger cover lets the water run out...at least that's what I heard (2nd hand) from Bilstein.