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Blitzsafe Alpine CD and composite audio input device

4 May 2003
I'm looking to sell my Blitzsafe audio converter. Model number HON/ALP V.1D

Basically this device lets you hook up any external audio device such as an iPod, CD player, MP3 player, etc to your factory stereo through direct RCA connection. This will give u a more reliable and better sounding connection than using an FM transmitter.

Blitzsafe sells 2 models for Honda/Acuras. The model I am selling provides an Alpine CD changer pass through along with the RCA audio input. The cheaper model doesn't allow you to hook up a CD changer. You switch between the CD changer and RCA inputs using a button combination on the stereo.

I've had the unit for about 6 months. Don't really have a need for it anymore so I pulled it out of the car. There are no problems with it at all. I bought it for $120+shipping I believe. Looking for about $80 shipped.