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Brake Problem?

14 September 2000
folsom CA
Last night I was driving and was forced to slam on my brakes for a critter on the road. when I did that my brakes made a loud POP noise like the suspension snapped.. the tires didnt lock ABS light didnt come on.. The ABS acutator went off for a few sec after that happened.
The POP noise sounded like if you hit a pot hole really hard and fast.. the brake pedal had a kick back on it and the steering wheel also jerked up and down.

any ideals guys? do I need to take it in to get inspected?

'92 Sebring Silver NSX #181
Sounds to me like normal NSX ABS operation.
I was recently forced to excercise by ABS to free a sticky solenoid. Methods suggested were using grass or gravel. Which is difficult to find where I live. Also seemed to be a bit rough for a NSX. I did find an empty parking lot with oil patches to use which worked great! I excercised the system maybe 30 times because I was determined to free the solenoid. The ABS system comes on and shakes with a vengeance. I think I recall hearing that when ABS system first came out, people paniced at the shake and released the brakes, only to end up in an accident. I believe newer systems do not shake so much. Everything has been working great for over a year now, but I have been told that the system needs to be exercised on an annual basis. A word of caution, if you need to create your own oil spots in the parking, it only takes a drop the size of a quarter in all four respective location to get the tires to slip. Also pick a parking spot location where other cars normally drip so that others, and motorcycles, do not drive through it. You will end up with a little bit of oil on your inner fenders with this approach. Of course I am not recommending it as it is not environmentally safe, but all things considered it is the only oil that my NSX has 'leaked' in 11 years.

I would recommend "excercizing" your ABS system more than once a year, but that's just me.

A wet parking lot works really well.
You know just for the hell of It I did it on a dry pavement here outside of work and it did it again.. you slam on the brakes and then a HUGE SNAP noise comes from the front about 60% deceleration. The brakes dont lock up ABS light doesnt come on.. I dont think it is abs..

The ABS acutuator didnt kick in this time.

'92 Sebring Silver NSX #181

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