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Brockville Car show NSX

14 October 2002
Ottawa, Ontario
Aug 3rd weekend. Apparently this car was there. Anyone here?



Painting an NSX like that makes baby Jesus cry.

Nice on a Harley or Mustang, it's just not for me.
Well, the NSX scene being as small as it is, chances are its somebody we know's car. Lets be diplomatic here... :smile:
How could a twin turbo, full body kit NSX with a custom paint job like that belong to someone we know, without us knowing it?


It's impressive art work, it's just not for me, and I don't think it suits the car. Who cares what I think anyway? If the owner loves it, hats off to him.
Looks like an Imola Orange with one of those stick on vinyl overlay. (look at the door trim) At least I hope it is. If it gets the owners rocks off more power to him, not me though, id run screaming in the other direction.
I'm sure the owner loves it - longtime:wink:

But for me, if I won it in a card game I'd guess my hand was a flush!:biggrin:
Where's that picture of the NSX with the Louis Vuitton paint?