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Brought her home

9 October 2012
She's finally at home. Needs cleaning and minor fixes. New wheels and tires are waiting too. But what a machine... I wasn't that excited about the car since I bought my S2000 :rolleyes:

Saying official Hello to NSX community :)


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Congrats! Another s2000 to nsx person!!
make sure you post pics with the new wheels! I wanna see as many as possible before i get into a set for myself!
nice color the fastest of all the colors.


you need any hard to get parts let me know I have almost everything
Thanks guys! Just put new wheels on and went for a quick drive just so I don't have any surprises tomorrow morning when I need to get to work.

Quick observations:
- front rims are 17x8 and with 215/40 it almost looks like tire is too narrow.
- overall rotation mass has increased comparing to stock and made acceleration slower and car is less responsive to throttle (which brings a question - are OEM rims forged? almost feels like it.. need to check weight for these too); rears have 275/30 hence I blame heavy tires. Will be putting 255s which again brings good Q: is there any tire weight comparison chart anywhere?
- right front brakes vibrate under somewhat heavy braking. After inspecting everything while putting new wheels I found many micro cracks on the surface of the front brake discs. Non directional.. just somewhat random.
- right side of the oil pan has a little bit of moisture. Prob need to replace the gasket but need to inspect better.
- first gear engagement is somewhat resistant but off the line only. Not when I used 2nd then 1st trick.
- stabilizer end-links need to be replaced. Planning to search for heavy duty adjustable ones. If anybody makes them for NSX.

Otherwise - keep learning the car :) Will post pictures with Works on tomorrow.

shawn110975, thanks for the offer. Will PM you tomorrow - I need right front fender liner and maybe few more things.
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Blacknot went from an S2000 into a freaking BEAST with wheels...

he left my shop the other day and it sounded like he was going to break the sound barrier LOL

I love his car.
congrats ,car looks good with the "vintage" wheels.