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Bursting Bubble?

Must be a mistake. The dealer also has a 2000 nsxt with 56,000 miles priced at 46k.
agree if it is a pristine car some wheeler dealers will list a low price to attract interest then when you call the price is 75k
This is a regular spam listing. I have seen this exact same fake listing at least 5 times now; the same car, price, and pictures every time. You'd think they would be more creative... Anyways, here's a link to the listing for the car when it was actually for sale on Prime:


Big difference on the price!

EDIT: and here is the eBay listing with the exact same pictures with price $80000 from 2015, removing any doubt that this car is not truly for sale:
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The listing has been taken down from both CarGurus as well as the dealer site. (both the 01 and 05). Too good to be true.

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I remember seeing a bunch of those "fake listings" too when I first started looking for either an NSX or an F360 (I ended up with the nsx!), I always wondered what the point was...nobody could be so stupid to wire out money for a collector car off nothing but an internet ad, could they?