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Buying eyeglasses at Costco

I found WalMart to have a better Dr. and cheaper glasses than Costco.
Humm......... I thougth we were talking about buying eyeglasses at Costco, not getting an eye exam?:confused: Yeah, Walmart can sometimes have competitive pricing however, I don't like going into Walmart. It's so cluttered with sh_t everywhere. Don't get me started about the staff/employees there.:mad: Honestly, I'll spend a few more $$ and not go into a Walmart.
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Humm......... I thougth we were talking about buying eyeglasses at Costco, not getting an eye exam?:confused:
Most places that sell eyeglasses also have optometrists available to give an eye exam. Of course, you're welcome to get an exam from your own optometrist or opthalmologist, then shop around for your eyeglasses.

FWIW, the last time I bought eyeglasses, I checked Costco and Sam's Club, but did not find any frames I liked there. I'd still check them first in the future, though.
I'm loosing up to .20 a year in both eyes and considering lasik or wavefront in order to counteract my career in computers. Not only do my parents and relatives on both sides suffer from myopia, but my career staring at a monitor for 8hrs and then more when I get home doesn't help even with exercises and a strong balanced diet.

I have to have my perscription done every two years and with the cost of surgery coming down even more, am I still faced with all out of pocket or will insurance cover this due to the field I work in?

I have some wire thin Ralph Lauren's and am going to have a new Rx and have the high index lenses replaced. Two years ago, I was -5.25 in the left, -5.00 in the right with a slight stigmatism in the left. Inching ever closer to being legally blind without my glasses.
I just hopped over here from the other thread about LendCrafters- good info guys...

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An eyewear thread!

I run the IT and a good portion of the customer service of an optical lab in Michigan. If there are any more questions, in particular on the technical side of the lenses, feel free to ask. I'll provide all the answers I can.