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Buying NSX

31 March 2005
Hey everyone I am buying a 91 or 92 NSX. after doing internet searches I flew to Reno 2 weekends ago to look @ one and last weekend went to LA and looked at 5 or 6. The one that I liked was a 92, very clean with newer paint do to a keying by someone, updated exhaust , some suspension work, beautiful wheels,& new clutch(race).The other is 91 with 45k has 94 wheels and a stereo upgrade and has had 90k work done everything else is stock. it was on the eastcoast now in the southeast I have not seen this one yet but have seen many pics and will have it checked by a technician referred by Mark Bach 92 is 25k . 91 is 28k. probably a no brainer but i have seen the high mileage car and it is a beauty taken care of very well. both carfax out clean. Opinions anyone ? :confused: