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carfax please - jh4na1150nt001012

does that mean its no good? he said he got the OEM acura one put on whatever that means. I would like to know about that NSX too can anyone post it
leatherseats.com said:
Do the true NSX-T's have anything different structurally then the coupes?
Yes, over a hundred pounds of reinforcement.

I'd be leery of this one. At the very least, it's been severely devalued by the modification. If you're never going to race it then losing the structural rigidity might not matter quite as much but I'm not an expert.
I don't want to race it, but I don't really care to spend 30K on a car that will have several issues in the future from a bad modification. I'll just keep looking for that perfect 95+ NSX-T.

Be very cautious on this car. I have emailed the seller twice about the reinforcement for the targa conversion, the name of the shop that did the conversion, the snapring issue, and the accident in 2004. He has not responded as of yet.