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Cars and Coffee - April

1 June 2011
Cypress, TX
Is it being held on Easter weekend?
Taken from C&C Houston facebook:

NEXT GATHERING: APRIL 07, 2012 Join us the first Saturday morning of April for our next gathering. From 8:00AM until 10:00AM at Vintage Park.
Sorry guys, I'll be out of town for the weekend. Catch ya guys next time...
I'll be there and then cruising out to brenham out to 105 and across to Cleveland. I hear there is some fun roads out that way. Going to eat at the Diner at the Brenham Airport if anyone is interested is a little caravaning on some fun roads.
Im up for either. Let's talk about it saturday morning. What time are ya going to be there?
Guess it's going to be a small turnout this month.
Anyone else gonna come out?
I will probably roll out there and hang out for a bit and head out to the Importreactor. Anyone attending this event???
Just saw this. Sorry for the late reply. I didn't see any of our guys when I showed up so I parke by Starbucks and then walked around.
I ran into Dennis Rooney. Norm.
Then as I was leaving I saw Trung.
Seems like without tony, there is no coordination.
saw matt's car at starbucks so I pulled in there. I parked way to right of matt. There is a all black out nsx parking right behind me. Also saw Nero driving around. As I was leaving, I saw the red 02+.
in total, I believe there were 1 white, matt's, Nero, an all blacked out one, mine, and the 02+ red before I left.
Matt... your car is loud as shit, but sound great. I had the window down too. My gf ears were ringing lol
Pics of the MF1... now.

Although I live in SoCal, I was responsible for inviting the McLaren F1 out to today's Cars & Coffee. This was initially supposed to coincide with a larger display of McLarens in association with the new dealership in Dallas but they pulled out at almost the last minute when they realized it would have meant making their staff and support crew work on Easter weekend. They are due to reschedule - perhaps for next month's event but the F1 owner will not be able to attend again. :frown:

Here are some photos I have collected so far for those who missed out. Would love to see more if anyone happened to take some. :)











I arrived at 7AM and expected to see a few NSX's lined up to join but couldn't find any at all so I just picked a spot to park. I ran into Matt and his girlfriend and my wife and I walked around with them for a while until we had to hook up with a friend who brought his Lamborghini and his Lotus. Matt offered to give Z an NSX radio antenna that I brought to give him but we seperated before we got a chance to for me to hand it over to him. Kinda disappointed that we didn't have any solidarity at this past Coffee and Cars though I did spot 4 other NSX's. But it was a great show anyway. I especially liked seeing the McLaren F1. That was a first for me....

Thanks for the f1 invite. I was floored to finally get to see one in person.


Nice to see you again and catch up. and I believe that was the first time I met your wife.
Great to see you too Matt. We keep having NSX meets when I can't make it due to scheduling conflicts so I really miss getting together with everyone. Yes, this was the first time you'd met my wife. My first wife wouldn't go with me to any car related event at all but my new wife goes to all of them with me. I'm a much happier man.....LOL!!

Thanks for the f1 invite. I was floored to finally get to see one in person.

I have heard similar sentiments from several different people. It is really the owner who deserves all the credit for being generous enough to participate, especially when the rest of what was planned that day had to be rescheduled.

Not sure if you were one of the ones who had a chance to speak with him about the car but he's a genuinely warm and friendly individual. His car is really a lovely example of the F1 as well so a real treat you got to see it for sure. :)

Tell him THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I was stoked to see it, it takes me like 2 hrs to get to Tomball but it was worth it to see that car. Now I am sure he will buy the mp4 and I would drool all over that too, but not literally ;)

So who has been hiding that monte Carlo blue NSX w type r spoiler that I saw leaving from afar?