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cd changer cables, help?

24 May 2000
Altoona, PA
I read the FAQ on this topic, however I still am confused. I want to buy the Alpine S624 Ai-net unit. I knew I need to buy the m-bus adaptor for it. However do I still need to buy the other adapter cable to switch the pins around? I also bought the Accura cd changer bracket, and I notice it has a harness included. Does anybody know what is for? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I just installed an Alpine CHM-S620 Changer ($238 at Circuit City) into my 2000 NSX today. It took me about 8 hours because of the custom fitting required to mount the changer into the Acura bracket, etc. I used the long din cable that came with the Acura bracket kit and a foot long adapter cable ($30 at Circuit City). The adapter cable may have the switched wires in it, but it also adapts to the slightly re-arranged pin layout of the Acura din cable. I didn't check the other end of the Acura supplied cable (where it plugs into the car)... so, maybe the long din cable that came with the changer would work.

If you need anymore advice, let me know.

2000 Yellow/Black/6-sp #172
I installed the Alpine CHMS620 with the PIE (Precision Interface Electronics -818-678-3690) Acura/Honda to Alpine CD Changer adapter cable Part#ACU/HON-ALP. This is the only extra cable you need (my car is a '99).
Boy I like those prices. I will be doing the same shortly. Mine came with a pioneer w/freqency modulator. So it really needs help. Did you have to use a special aftermarket pin adapter specific to the nsx? It sounds like you are saying that everything was included with the changer or with the acura brk kit.

I suppose you were asking me the questions because my earlier post is the only one that mentions prices.

If you buy the Acura CD Changer Bracket kit, the Alpine CHM-S620, and the short little adapter cable, you will have everything you need short of some minor modes to the Alpine mounting brackets. I also had to "slightly" bend the Acura bracket Handle to keep the latching mechanism from scraping. It was too far apart where it mounted to the two Acura bracket pieces. Be very careful bending tube, especially metal tubing... you don't want to put a kink in it.

As a side note, the short adapter cable I used for my 2000 NSX was for a 1992-1998 Acura/Honda. The Salesman said I needed an $80 adapter for a 2000 Acura... but when I told him all the cabling was routed to the trunk, he said the $30 cable ('92-'98) would probably work... which it did. Just for grins, I tried to plug the Changer directly into the Acura DIN harness. That's when I discovered the pin arrangement was different... and sure enough, the adapter cable had the correct pin arrangements.

I will post a few photos of the installation at my web site (www.nsx1.com). Give me a few moments to put together a decent page.

2000 Yellow/Black/6-sp #172
Thanks guys,
I understand now. I do need to buy the adaptor cable and use that in conjunction with the extension DIN cable provided with the cd changer bracket. Has anyone used the AI-net version? I wonder if their is any advantage to using it or if it is any easier to mount to the bracket? Thanks again for everyone's help.
Are you sure the AI version will work with an M-bus head? I'm assuming the NSX head unit is only M-bus output since AI wasn't available back in 91'.

I just installed an Alpine TDM head unit and was told I needed an M-bus CD changer in my other car. I thought the AI unit used a different type of signal than the M units, so they are not compatible.
Yes the AI-Net version will work because it has a switch for M-Bus. You then need to buy the AI-net to M-bus adaptor cable. You see I am wondering if it is worth buying the AI-net version, does it have any better features that will be realized with our factory head decks?