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CD changer issues

30 July 2001
Ormond Beach, FL USA
Hello Everyone!

I have a 98 NSX that I bought used without a CD changer. I want to put one it. I want it to work through the factory head unit. I don't want to replace that.

I was told that Alpine will work by one guy then I took it to the Car Stereo installer and he said that it won't work.

He said that a few years ago, they changed the manufacturer of their CD changers to Fujitsu.

My question is, is there an aftermarket CD changer that will plug in to the stock head unit?

Or, am I stuck buying an original Acura changer for $800, which is an out of control price?

If I need a factory one, does anyone have one for sale?

Thanks for your time.

Look in the FAQ section on "Sound System", under the "Accessories" heading. It describes all the models you can use and the connectors you'll need.

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