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CD Changer Removal

14 April 2001
Sandy Eggo, CA
What's the easiest way to remove the factory CD Changer? I want to remove just the changer (or the changer with some parts of the bracket still attached). I am removing the changer to check/change the internal damping springs to make sure it is set properly for vertical mounting. It is skipping a bit too much for my taste. I know it can take a lot more shock than this! (Unmolested 98 NSX-T)
Get a flashlight. pull the lever so the changer tips part way out and stops. With the flashlight, carefully inspect the bracket until you locate the screw/bolt that is functioning as a stop. Push the changer back to it's locked position and remove the stop screw. Once again, pull the lever. Now your CD changer will no stop at ~ 30 degrees, but instead will tilt a full 90 degrees to the horizontal postion. Now you should have access to 4 screws that old the changer to the bracket. Remove them and disconnect the electrical plug. You have now delivered a CD changer into your waiting arms.

I did things the hardway before I found the stop screw. I used a small wrench and unbolted the bracket from the wall, then I found the stop screw and so re-installation was a breeze and I learned the easy way to remove the changer.

Good Luck