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Wheels Ce28 Dbl concave 16/17 NSX Spec

21 February 2011
So Cal
F/S: Ce28 Dbl concave 16/17 NSX Spec

Immediately available is a super unique and one of a kind set up that I pieced together over a long period of time. I had a set of 17x9 +22 concave Ce28SL, but wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the set. Ended up finding a great deal on a set of 16x8 +30 concave Ce28CR. The differences between the CR and the SL are extremely minimal yet I’ve addressed it in this set - particularly on the CR pair. The center cap protrusion is different, so I had it machined to match the SL. You won’t find this set up anywhere else and I only have two sets. The first one up is mag blue and the second one can be any color of your choosing. I call this the ‘game-shark spec’ because you can achieve double concave on a 16/17 set up without having to run any camber mods and you can still run meaty tires front and rear under stock body Nsx. I would recommend 215/45/16 and 255/40/17 [HASH=2336]#TacoTuesday[/HASH] [HASH=2337]#MexiRicersGarage[/HASH] 👨🏻‍🌾🛠️

16x8 +30
17x9 +22



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I can check for you, I've got the Comptech/Brembo bbk that fits under 16" wheels on hand to test. Is that what you have?
I have TL-S Brembo 4 pistons caliper with NA2 rotors. The pad height is the one I usually have issue with wheels, not high enough to clear the face of the calipers.
Unfortunately, I don't have template.
They usually not clear the further outer edge of the caliper.
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