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Ceramic brake pads

7 April 2024
My brake pads have plenty of life left, but they generate so much dust I have to clean them after every other drive. I'm thinking of switching to ceramic pads to reduce this brake dust. Brakeperformance.com has ceramic pads for around $90 per set. Anyone done this and can confirm it to be a worthwhile mod?
Sounds like you have the steel rotors. I have replaced the pads on every car I have had over the last 15 years. Most recently on my 2020 Tesla Model X, our 2023 Mini Cooper SE (both are BEVs).
Even though those two cars use regenerative braking, dust still ended up on the wheels. Ceramic brake pads solved that problem. My 2017 NSX has Ceramic Brakes and I have fortunately not had a dust problem. $90 is worth the effort, you will be so happy.