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Hawk HPS Brake Pad Question

2 September 2018
Raleigh, NC
I had ordered a set of the spray pads for the front and rear back in November, from Science of Speed. My mechanic who is a master tech, and has worked in NSX's for Acura, installed the front brake pads with no issue or concern, but when he looked at the rear brake pads, they were apparently missing a pin on the backing plate that he traditionally would have expected to see. Obviously, they have sold hundreds it's not more of the spray pads, and we have not seen any post on any issues of these. But seeing that he had a concern, I was reluctant to move forward on putting the back brake pads on. He has emailed Science of Speed, looking for technical clarification, but has not yet received a sufficient response, so I figured I would pose the question here. I am just going to copy and paste his inquiry that he provided to them hoping that someone could shed some light on this design aspect of the rear brake pads.

Yes the customer had me install the front brake pads, but held off on installing the rear pads until we got more information. The issue at hand is the rear brake pads are supposed to have a pin on the backing plate to keep the piston from spinning. The emergency/parking brake mechanism only works correctly if the piston doesn't spin.

The OE Acura pads still utilize a pin on the backing plate for the piston. Your product doesn't have a pin on the backing plate. With my customers' safety and well being in mind, you can see why I would be concerned.

Does anyone have experience with these brake pads to lend clarity to the question?
Thanks in advance.
I have run the HPS Street pads on my car for years but I couldn’t tell you if it had a pin on the backing plate. Zero issues they bite harder dust less and are quite I love them and will replace them with the same pads when the time comes.