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changing wheels

23 November 2001
Lancaster, PA USA
I'm looking at an 01 NSX. Its wheels have been changed to 17" front, 18" rear. Is this a common swap? anything to watch out for? Does this improve the car, or detract from it?

Mike Clemens
Several people in the forum run that type of setup. Some with good results..others may differ. I have the 17/18 combo with eibach spring, Dali sways, and stock shocks and the car handles better than it did stock (15/16)

You could do a search to see what has been done.

As far as looks... that's on you

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I'm happy with my 17/18 inch setup. Definitely looks better. If you just cruise around on the streets, you probably won't even feel much of a difference. Just don't cheese it on tires and you should be fine.

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Hi Mike --

Congrats on your purchase. The 17/18 is perhaps the most common upsizing in recent NSX history (used to be 15/16 or 16/17 upgrades before 17/18 wheels were available more widely).

I think the 17/18 is the best choice for looks and tire availability.

-- Chris

I think the 17/18 is the best choice for looks and tire availability.

Not necessarily for tire availability. Obviously the OEM tires aren't available in those sizes. And many track tires aren't, either.

Of course, it's easy to check on tire availability first, before you buy the car. Folks here can provide suggestions for tire models and sizes...